Update On WWE's Plans For WrestleMania 27, Average RAW Rating For 2010

January 16, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

– With WrestleMania 27 now less than 3 months away, WWE’s creative team reportedly has come up with 6 matches for the event that they hope to build towards in the coming months.

The top two matches WWE is set on are The Miz defending the WWE Championship against John Cena and The Undertaker putting his streak on the line against former Nexus leader Wade Barrett. The Barrett vs. The Undertaker match would be a continuation of the angle that took place at Survivor Series, where Nexus took out the Undertaker and helped Kane bury him alive in their World Heavyweight title match.

The Undertaker is still recovering from shoulder surgery and it’s not 100% that he’ll be healthy enough to work a singles match in time for WrestleMania, so there are various backup scenarios being discussed.

– One of the biggest stories of 2010 was the decline in WWE’s overall business – from pay-per-view buyrates to house show attendence and merchandise sales. WWE’s ratings were no different – with the average RAW rating for the year taking a dip from prior years.

For the year of 2010, WWE’s Monday Night RAW averaged a 3.28 cable rating – down 8% from 2009’s 3.57 average. By comparison, RAW averaged a 3.27 in 2008, a 3.61 in 2007 and a 3.9 back in 2006.

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(Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)