Vince McMahon On Undertaker's Backstage Pull, Monday's Raw, Shane-Stephanie

February 2, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Thanks to reader Aaron Hejmowski for sending in this recap of Vince McMahon’s appearance on Bubba The Love Sponge’s Sirius Satellite Radio show this morning:

Vince McMahon called in to talk about how big the 800th episode celebration of RAW as it emanates from Tampa-St.Pete.

Bubba said he is intimidated by Vince. He “scares the hell out of him.” Bubba asked Vince about John Cena. Vince said Cena is doing great, he’ll be back in November and he’s looking to fight. Said when Cena gets hurt, he comes back in record breaking time, just an amazing man.

McMahon said Shane and Stephanie will be on-air to make a determination if Mike Adamle should be fired as GM.

Bubba raved about Shane in the ring. Vince joked he got the athletic ability from his mom. Bubba joked that Stephanie got the promo ability from Vince and he did his typical Vince laugh.

Bubba said Vince firing guys backstage was often stiffer than his on-air firings. Vince replied with “you never know where fact ends and fiction begins.”

Bubba said that he used to have heat with Taker until someone smartened him up that Taker runs the locker room and he better not mess with him. They talked about how Taker runs the locker room and even Vince joked that he walks lightly when Taker is around back there.

Vince seemed to be in a good mood promoting RAW and overall the interview ran about 5 minutes.

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