Vince's Reaction To New Day's Outfits, Austin Speaks On Hogan's Racist Rant

December 10, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

– Xavier Woods told IGN in a post-WrestleMania 32 interview that Kofi is the one who came up with their Dragon Ball Z-inspired outfits for the big pay-per-view. He says WWE trusts them more now than when they started to come up with their own outfits, and revealed what usually happens when Vince McMahon first sees one of their ideas up close.

“It’s funny, because we’ll always have some kind of harebrained idea, and then [Vince] sees it right before we go through the curtain, and just kind of gives a little grin and thumbs up,” Woods said.

“It’s to a point now where we kind of have a little bit more trust than we did when we started. And they know we’re not going to go out there and do something that’s going to mess up a sponsorship or anything like that. Things we do are going to do are going to be in-bounds for our PG parameters. Still be fine for kids, but then have something that’s a little bit for adults. We liken it to Shrek: we’re in PG parameters but there’s jokes in there for adults if you’re paying attention.”

– Steve Austin called into TMZ Live this week and said that Hulk Hogan may come back in time when his “issues” wash away, but it’s up to Vince McMahon. When asked about Hogan’s racist rant on his sex tape, Austin says what Hogan did will never be forgotten but it might be forgiven. Stone Cold thinks Hogan just had a “bad day,” and that he doesn’t think Hogan is a malicious person.

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