Vydia Rishie on the importance of heirlooms and why you need a timepiece

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29th May 2019


“My mother is of Indian heritage, and jewellery is a big part of Indian culture and fashion,” Melbourne-based influencer Vydia Rishie recalls of her first jewel-related memories.

“Growing up and being taken to Indian festivals and parties, my mum loved to dress us up in bold gold necklaces and earrings, dripping with intricate designs and gemstones. I remember the pieces being so heavy and uncomfortable as a little kid, but it really did teach me how jewellery not only finishes and adds character to a look but also holds a special connection to family and heritage,” Rishie finishes, noting as she’s gotten older accessorising needs to strike a balance between decorative and practical.

For Rishie, well-made and aesthetically pleasing accessories also double as markers of time and success – heirlooms she can invest in and hold on to that remind her of significant moments in time.

“I love that jewellery is so much more than just metal, each of my pieces from childhood to today signifies an amazing moment or person in my life. Jewellery that has been passed down to me or been given as a gift are beyond special and something that I can’t wait to hold onto and pass down to my own children,” says Rishie.

“A timepiece is something that’s very personal and a true mark of your style,” Rishie, who is busily building her budding empire, focused on her stylish pursuits by way of her namesake digital and e-commerce platform.

“The #MyCalvins trio watch is the epitome of fun and fresh, and the interchangeable bands mean that I can switch up my look throughout the week, from desk to dinner,” Rishie continues, noting a great timepiece is something every woman should have in her repertoire.

“Choose a hardware you wear often and use your core style as a guide to what you’ll wear for years to come,” says Rishie, who adds steel has been a staple for her for years. 

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If a timepiece isn’t something you feel completely confident about styling into your day-to-day wardrobe, fear not as Rishie has been test driving a few pieces from Calvin Klein’s autumn/winter 2019 offering for you.

“Don’t be afraid to layer jewellery with your timepiece,” Rishie advises, adding, “more often than not, I love to wear my watch with a bracelet or bangle, paired with rings and delicate necklaces. It’s all about mixing and matching!”