Wanted Thief Breaks Down & Confesses, After Police Threaten To Inform His Doctor, Techie Sons

December 28, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

It was difficult for Pydhonie police to make Ravichandran Mudaliyar, the alleged gang leader of a tak-tak gang and the prime accused in a Rs 2.5 lakh theft case, talk since he claimed not to know any Hindi. He was in police custody for days and yet all he did was respond to cops in Tamil and that too in a confusing manner. That changed when cops finally played their trump card. They told Mudaliyar that if he did not cooperate, they would summon his three sons-a marine engineer, a doctor pursuing a masters in surgery who is attached to a reputed hospital in Navi Mumbai, and a student of hotel management. It was then that Mudaliyar broke down and began to speak to them in fluent Hindi.

The most common modus operandi of the tak-tak gang involves knocking on a car’s door on the pretext of informing the driver about “oil leakage” or an accident. The moment the driver rolls down the glass of his window, other gang members engage the driver and flee with valuables, especially high-end mobile phones.Click Here: new zealand rugby team jerseys