WATCH: WWE Constructs The Elimination Chamber, Top 10 Inaugural WWE Title Victories

August 4, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

WWE Builds the Elimination Chamber

Following in the footsteps of their WarGames and Hell in a Cell live construction videos, WWE has published a new video featuring the real-time setup of the monstrous Elimination Chamber structure. Or rather, a part of it. It took the crew over three hours just to assemble the top portion of the Chamber for tomorrow’s pay-per-view.

Click Here: vans shopInaugural WWE Title Victories

This week’s WWE Top 10 video features the inaugural championship wins of several Superstars, including Becky Lynch’s first ever Smackdown Women’s Championship victory. The compilation also includes title wins from the likes of TJ Perkins, Rhea Ripley, Tyler Bate, Adam Cole and more.