Why Bobby Roode Didn't Win At BFG, Sting & Hogan Teaming Up, Small Crowd

January 13, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

– In the days leading up to Sunday’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view, Bobby Roode was scheduled to win the TNA World heavyweight title. Despite Kurt Angle being injured and all the hype that went into this being Bobby Roode’s time – Roode got screwed.

Some people are expecting Bobby Roode to win the TNA title in the coming weeks (at the next PPV or on an episode of Impact) – while others think that the company is eager to Jeff Hardy.

– Sting defeated Hulk Hogan by submission at Bound For Glory – and the rivals joined forces after the match to fend off a beatdown from RVD, Bully Ray, Ric Flair, Eric Bischoff and others. With Hogan and Sting working together at Bound For Glory, there has been talk of them teaming up together at a future pay-per-view in a match against Ric Flair and a partner.

– TNA had about 2,500 paid fans at Bound For Glory, which is considered a major disappointment. The was heavily “papered” – with many fans receiving free tickets to the event at the last minute to fill up the crowd.

* Picture Of The SMALL Crowd At Bound For Glory (Half Empty Arena)

(Source: f4wonline.com)