Will Ospreay’s Frontline Wrestling First Show Announced, Location & First Five Competitors Set

September 14, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Top independent wrestler, Will Ospreay has announced details regarding his own promotion, Frontline Wrestling, with the first show date revealed.

Ospreay has been working hard on creating his brand new company which is set to usher in the new era of Strong Style wrestling in Great Britain. The company is attempting to lead the way in a new ‘sports orientated’ way that will bring the Japanese ‘Puro’ style to Britain in a way never seen before.

The debut show is coming up on June 28th and will take place from the Stratford Circus in London, England and to add to the excitement, Ospreay has announced the first set of names who will be performing and they are some of the very best around.

The names are as follows:

-Travis Banks 

-Aussie Open

-Flash Morgan Webster

-Chris Ridgeway

Tickets for the debut event can be purchased via the official Frontline site now and we will keep you updated with the company as more news is released about it.

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