WrestleMania 24 Poster Released, Sting's Mystery Partner

February 8, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

TNA GENESIS is this Sunday on Pay-Per-View. The main selling point for the event is that Sting has a mystery partner for his main event tag match against Kevin Nash and Kurt Angle. TNA has stated that Sting’s partner is a former WWE and WCW Champion and has world-class skills in the ring and on the microphone. While TNA has kept the mystery partner’s identity a secret backstage, the general feeling among the wrestlers is that Booker T will be there this Sunday. Booker T was released from WWE on October 16th. It is unknown whether his contract has a 30 day no-compete clause. If so, this would disqualify him from being there. Another possible name talked about backstage as being the mystery partner is the Big Show.

An early promotional poster has been released for WrestleMania 24. It will likely be changed at a later time because the centerpiece of the poster is injured WWE superstar John Cena. Cena’s injury will keep him out of action beyond WM24. Cena is featured alongside Triple H and The Undertaker. The official WrestleMania 24 logo is shown along with detailed information about the event. Next year’s WrestleMania takes place Sunday March 30th from the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida.

PICTURE: WrestleMania 24 PPV POSTER Featuring Cena, Triple H & Undertaker