Wrestlers Comment On ESPN's Scott Hall E:60 Piece

January 12, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Several past and present WWE personalities have commented on Twitter about the ESPN E:60 piece on Scott Hall that aired on Wednesday night. Here’s what the following people said, including comments from Hall himself:

Chris Jericho: “Just saw the Scott Hall E-60 piece. My heart goes out to his family and I hope that was a wake-up call for him.This could be his last chance”

Goldust: “Watched e-60…..im asking the world to pray for scott hall…he is a great man….#PRAYFORSCOTTHALL”

Bret Hart: “Just watched the E60 piece on Scott Hall. I always considered him a friend of mine & he knows how to get a hold of me if he ever needs to”

Jim Ross: “The Scott Hall feature aired last night on ESPN. I did not see it as I was taping 2 Legends Roundtable shows. Was told it was compelling.”

Shane Helms: “Well that Scott Hall piece was pretty damn sad. I really hope life picks up for him and his family. #StarshipCoyote”

Scott Hall: Thank u for all your nice comments & for always pulling for The Bad Guy!

* WATCH HERE: ESPN’s E:60: “The Wrestler: The Scott Hall Story”