WWE Backlash Results – April 26, 2009

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WWE Backlash Results – 04/26/2009
Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island
Report by: Richard Gray of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Welcome to our coverage of WWE Backlash. Thank you for joining us! Kofi Kingston beat Dolph Ziggler in a dark match prior to tonight’s pay-per-view from the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island.

WWE Backlash 2009 is now live on pay-per-view. The opening video is now airing with a promotional piece highlighting tonight’s feuds. They start with a WrestleMania 25 recap.

Jack Swagger (c) vs. Christian
ECW Championship Match

Christian comes out first as Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, and Michael Cole are tonight’s announce team. The All American Jack Swagger and the ECW Champion is out next. The following match is for the ECW Championship. The bell rings and were underway. They lockup with Swagger taking Christian to the mat. Swagger works him in the corner with a submission hold. Christian fights him off with right hands. Swagger whips him into the ropes but Christian hits some offense and goes off the middle ropes for a two count. Swagger sends Christian off the ropes and takes him down tot he mat. Again with a shoulder block. Christian is on the mat. Swagger picks Christian up and tosses him outside of the ring. Christian goes to the outside to continue his attack. Swagger gets a two count as they show a replay of his dominance. Swagger takes Christian down to the mat. Submission hold by Swagger. Belly-to-back suplex by Swagger for a two count on Christian. Crowd is heavily behind Christian. Good mat wrestling from both.

Swagger mounts offense in the corner and eventually gets a two count. Swagger hooks a bear huge in the middle of the ring, Swagger is at a vertical base. Swagger gets a two count from the bear hug. Christian battles out with stiff right hands. Swagger counters with forearm shot and lifts him up. Backbreaker by Swagger on Christian for a two count. Swagger applies a submission hold on Christian on the mat. Swagger clubs away at Christian as he tries to break the hold. Finally Christian counters but not for long as Swagger sends him back to the mat. Swagger goes off the middle for a splash, Christian gets his knees up. Both men are down, double count out ensues. Christian gets up, works on Swagger but he counters. Christian gets on the top rope, Swagger tries to take him down. Christian takes him off and gets a near fall for a count of two. Swagger slams Christian down in a counter. Swagger goes for the Gutwrench Powerbomb. Christian counters out. Swagger pushes Christian to the corner and sets him up on the top rope. Christian battles out and ends up hitting a DDT on the ECW Champion. Christian gets a two count. Swagger plants Christian in a suplex. He’s clearly in control. He picks Christian up but he counters and sends Swagger to the outside. Christian follows buy Swagger attacks on the apron. Swagger jumps up on the apron and tries to pull Christian off. Christian counters with elbows and flips Swagger back in the ring. Christian to the top, Swagger meets him with a headbutt. Back drop from Swagger. Swagger goes off for a splash and a two count.

They work in the ring, Swagger in control, attacks Christian in the corner. Out of nowhere Christian counters and gets another near fall. Swagger uses his power and slams Christian down to the mat with a two count with an Oklahoma Stampede. Swagger eats the Kill Switch off a counter from Christian. Christian pins him to win the ECW Championship.

Winner & new ECW Champion – Christian

Chris Jericho vs. WWE Hall of Famer Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Jericho is out first for the next bout. Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat comes out next. He’s a WWE Hall of Famer folks! This is Steamboat’s first one-on-one singles match in 15 years. His last bout was against Steve Austin at WCW Bash at the Beach against Steve Austin. The bell rings and we’re underway. Steamboat looks good and locks up with Jericho. He takes Jericho down to the mat. Jericho gets to the ropes and the hold is broken after three. A shoving match ensues. Steamboat goes to the outside, when Jericho goes to the outside Steamboat moves. Steamboat gets back in the ring and dives out onto Jericho. The fight goes back inside, Steamboat connects on two hip tosses and applies a submission hold. ‘You still got it’ chants from the crowd. Steamboat works the arm of Jericho but he gets back to a vertical base. Jericho goes off the ropes and lands a shoulder block. Steamboat counters with an arm drag take down. Submission hold ensues on the mat. Jericho counters with rights at a vertical base. Jericho counters with chops. Steamboat counters back. Jericho sends Steamboat to the apron, he makes a save. Jericho follows by sending Steamboat to the outside.

Jericho goes off the ropes and connects a dropkick on Steamboat on the apron. They’re back in the ring as Jericho lands a suplex. Jericho works on Steamboat with a stiff right hand. Jericho yells insults at Steamboat. Jericho applies a headlock on the mat. Jericho wrenches back on the hold, Marty Elias, the referee, checks for submission. Steamboat counters with a deep arm drag. Jericho counters and gets a two count. Side headlock from Jericho on the mat. Elias checks for submission as Jericho wrenches back. Steamboat gets back to a vertical base. Off the ropes but Jericho maintains control. Steamboat tries to counter with a suplex but Jericho continues the side headlock. Lawler says it may be the last match ever for Ricky Steamboat. Cole plays it up. Steamboat counters, sending Jericho face first into the turnbuckle. High kicks from Steamboat.. Jericho is on the top rope, Steamboat follows and goes for a suplex. They work on the top rope, Jericho counters. Superplex from the top by the WWE Hall of Famer. Both men are down in the ring. Steamboat gets a two count. He hits two right hands and a couple of clotheslines. Steamboat takes Jericho down and gets a two count. Steamboat runs into Jericho in the corner. Scoop slam from Steamboat for a two count.

Jericho builds a counter and hits a dropkick. Two count from Jericho on Steamboat. Running bulldog from Jericho. Jericho counters out of the electric chair position and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Steamboat reverses out. Steamboat connects on the figure four leglock on the mat. Jericho gets the ropes and the hold is broken. They’re on the apron as Steamboat tosses Jericho back into the ring. The Dragon goes to the top but when Jericho goes at him he moves. Cross body off the top by Steamboat for a two count off the lateral press. Jericho throws Steamboat in the corner and hits the Code Breaker out of nowhere. Jericho gets a two count as Steamboat gets his foot on the ropes. Scoop slam from Jericho but Steamboat counters and gets a two count. Jericho counters and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Steamboat taps!

Winner – Chris Jericho

Kane vs. CM Punk

Kane comes out first as we see a recap of Kane and CM Punk in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match from WrestleMania 25. The bell rings and we’re underway. Kane dominates to open it up. Punk counters with kicks to Kane’s face. They work in the corner as CM Punk goes to the top and off. Punk sends Kane down to the mat. Punk sends Kane to the outside and hits a suicide dive. Punk is on the apron and jumps off onto Kane. They get back in the ring. Punk works on Kane in the ring. Kane counters and sends Punk to the outside. Kane throws Punk off the steel ring post and rolls him into the ring. Kane gets a two count. Kane applies a submission hold on Punk in the ring. Punk counters but ends up walking into a Kane clothesline for a two count. Kane hits a side slam on Punk then applies a submission hold on the mat. Kane goes for a chokeslam, Punk counters with a side arm DDT. Kane still gets up first. Punk works Kane over with kicks. Kane pushes Punk into the corner. They work in the corner Kane has the advantage. Punk goes off the top onto Kane. He sets Kane up in the corner but eats a boot. Kane goes to the top with Punk down. Punk hits a kick to Kane’s face.

Punk goes for the GTS. Kane counters but Punk counters with a running bulldog. Two count from Punk. Punk goes off the top and eats a move from Kane. Two count. Punk works the arm of Kane on the mat. Kane counters with a sideslam and a two count. Kane goes for the chokeslam but Punk counters with two high kicks. Kane ends up hitting a chokeslam and getting the three count for the win.

Winner – Kane
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
Brother vs. Brother
“I Quit” Match

Jeff comes out first as the following match is an ‘I Quit’ match. Matt comes out next with an ultra heel look. The bell rings and we’re underway. Jeff strikes first, sending Matt down in the corner. Jeff bounces Matt’s head off the turnbuckle. Jeff takes Matt down and lands a leg drop. Jeff knocks Matt to the outside and hits a suicide dive. Jeff throws Matt off the guard rail. Jeff goes off the steel ring steps on the outside and takes Matt out. Jeff rolls Matt back in the ring. Jeff hits a clothesline on his brother in the corner. Jeff goes off the ropes and hits several leg drops. Jeff goes off the middle rope with a leg drop on his brother. Jeff clubs away at Matt. Jeff jumps on Matt’s back and connects a sleeper. Matt counters and sends Jeff down on the mat. Matt lands an elbow on his brother. Right hands from Matt Hardy as he pushes Jeff off the top rope to the outside.

They work on the outside as Matt rolls Jeff back in the ring. Matt puts Jeff’s legs in between the ring post from the outside. The referee checks to see if he quit. Matt works over Jeff from the outside. Matt gets back in. Chop block from Matt on Jeff in the ring. Matt locks in the figure four. Jeff boldly says he doesn’t quit as Matt wrenches back on the hold. Matt works the left leg of Jeff. Matt takes Jeff’s legs out from under him. Matt locks back in the figure four. Jeff says he doesn’t want to quit and works the revers the hold. He does and the referee asks Matt if he wants to quit. He doesn’t. They work in the ring as Matt counters a kick from Jeff and locks in a leg submission hold. Matt tells Jeff to quit but he tells the referee to forget it. Matt works over Jeff and sets him up on the top rope. Matt clubs away at his brother. Jeff is in a tree of woe position in the corner as Matt goes to the outside and applies pressure.

Matt gets back in and on the middle ropes. Jeff fights Matt off with elbows. Jeff hits Whisper in the Wind on his brother. Jeff takes Matt down in the ring. Jeff goes for the Texas Cloverleaf. He connects it, Matt taps but there are no submissions. Matt won’t quit. Jeff goes for Twist of Fate but Matt counters. Jeff counters and ends up hitting it. Jeff goes to the top and hits the Swanton Bomb. Matt won’t quit. Jeff hits another Swanton on his brother. Jeff goes to the outside with Matt down on the inside. Jeff grabs a table from under the ring. Jeff brings the table in the ring and sets it up. Matt retreats to the outside. They work on the outside with Jeff hitting a Diamond Cutter on his brother. Jeff rolls Matt back in the ring and sets him up on the table. Jeff goes back under the ring and grabs duct tape. Jeff duct tapes his brother’s legs together. Then his hands. Jeff then grabs a rope and ties his brother to the table. Jeff goes outside and gets a ladder. Jeff puts the ladder in the ring and climbs it. Matt says he’s sorry about everything and tells Jeff he loves him. Jeff is on top of the ladder as Matt apologizes. Matt tells Jeff to ignore the fans and says they can be the Hardy Boys again. He says they’re mom wouldn’t want this and on heaven she wouldn’t want this. Matt says daddy wouldn’t like if he did this. Matt says he quit before Jeff can go off the ladder.

Winner – Jeff Hardy

Santina on Khali Kiss Cam

The Great Khali comes out first. Ranjin Singh says it’s spring time and love is in the air. Singh calls Miss WrestleMania Santina Marella out. Santina Marella comes out. Santina says there is nothing more than she would like to kiss the Great Khali but she isn’t exactly who she says she is. Singh says Khali demands she explain herself. Santina says she has been trying to pass as something she isn’t but she is in love with another man. Santina says to kiss Khali wouldn’t be right. Singh says Khali wants to know who. Santina says it’s JR. Santina confesses her love for JR and says they’re in love with each other. Singh says Khali had no idea. Singh says The Great Khali understands her predicament and she no longer has to kiss him. Provided she proves her love by kissing JR right now.

JR says that isn’t going to happen. Cole says come on BBQ man. Ross asks him who fed him that line. Lawler tells JR to come out of the closet. Santina says she feels like she is going to faint. Beth Phoenix interrupts and comes out with Rose Mendes. She says she has had enough and is challenging Santina for her Miss WrestleMania crown right now. Singh says Khali says how dare Beth interrupt this tender moment of love. Phoenix asks Khali why she doesn’t understand Santina is a man. She asks if all the women in Punjab are so ugly she thinks Santina is hot. She says either that or he is the biggest idiot walking the face of this earth today. Khali hits Beth then takes her down. The bell rings and Santina pins her for the three count.

Winner – Santina Marella

Triple H (c), Batista, & Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton & The Legacy
WWE Championship Match

Shane McMahon comes to the ring first in a Shane O Mac shirt. Batista is out next. Triple H is out last for his team. Hunter has the WWE Championship belt around his waist as he comes out with his bottle of water. Randy Orton comes out next with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. The match starts with Hunter pumbling Randy Orton. Hunter and Orton work up the ramp before the bell rings. Orton is out of sight as Triple H runs back to the ring to join his team.

The bell finally rings with Batista in the ring alone. He pulls Cody Rhodes in and dominates him. Batista throws Rhodes into the corner and works him over. Batista tags in Shane McMahon. Batista holds Cody as Shane goes off the top on Rhodes. He follows with elbows. Shane tags in Hunter. Hunter goes to work on Rhodes. Triple H stomps a mud hole on Cody in the corner. Hunter whips him into the corner, he hits the mat. Triple H whips him coast-to-coast and gives him a crotch chops. He takes him out again and takes him off the ropes. Cody counters and tags in DiBiase. DiBiase and Hunter work as Hunter tags in Shane. Shane double teams DiBiase with Triple H and gets a two count. Shane works him over in the ring. Batista tags in and goes back to work on DiBiase. Rhodes is tagged in. Batista continues his attack with a huge standing vertical suplex. Rhodes tags in DiBiase. DiBiase goes to work on The Animal and stomps him in the corner. Rhodes tags in DiBiase and they double team The Animal. Batista counters with a double clothesline. He sends Rhodes to the outside with a clothesline then takes out DiBiase. Batista Bomb attempt but DiBiase counters and retreats to the outside. Batista follows. Batista works on DiBiase but Orton comes back down. Orton gets on the apron and tags back in. Now Orton stomps away on Batista. Orton connects on right hands to The Animal.

Orton tags in Rhodes as they team up on Batista in the corner to assault him. Rhodes kicks Batista to the outside where he eats cheap shots from DiBiase. Rhodes goes to the outside to follow-up o the attack. Rhodes brings him back into the ring and tags in Orton. Orton hits a devastating DDT on Batista. Two count for Orton. DiBiase is tagged in and goes at Batista in the ring. Batista takes out Orton on the apron but it allowed DiBiase to hit a drop toe hold followed by a side headlock on the mat. Batista works to get back to a vertical base. Batista counters with a side slam. The Animal goes for the tag on Hunter but he can’t make it. Orton tags in and attacks Batista. Orton tortures Batista from the ring. Sleeper from Orton on Batista. The crowd is behind The Animal. Batista gets back to a vertical base but Orton battles back. Batista hits a blind headbutt out of nowhere. Orton gets a tag to Cody Rhodes. Batista tags in Shane. Shane takes down Rhodes off a neckbreaker for a two count. Shane throws Rhodes to the outside, Shane follows. Shane takes apart the announce table but DiBiase involved. The action ends up back in the ring with Shane off the top on Rhodes. DiBiase pulls Shane off him to the outside. Orton takes McMahon out. Rhodes tags in Orton but he goes to the outside, not in. Orton works with Shane in the ring and gets a two count. Orton tags in DiBiase. They double team Shane before Orton goes to the apron. DiBiase kicks Shane to the outside and follows. He bangs Shane’s head off the apron on the outside then rolls him in the ring for a two count. DiBiase tags in Rhodes. They double team Shane. Rhodes gets a two count.

DiBiase tags in Orton. They double team Shane as Orton goes to work on Shane. Nice standing dropkick from Orton to the temple of Shane. Two count. Orton follows with a tag to DiBiase who continues with elbows. DiBiase off the top as he hooks Shane’s leg for a two count. DiBiase locks a submission hold on Shane but Shane counters. DiBiase counters and tags in Rhodes. Rhodes goes at Shane. One count for Rhodes. Rhodes and McMahon work in the ring, Rhodes with a clear advantage. Shane counters and goes for the tag but Rhodes is able to fight it off. Rhodes and Shane work in the ring, Shane finally counters with a back drop. Shane goes for a tag, Rhodes makes one to DiBiase. DiBiase is tagged in and pulls Shane back. He lands several elbow drops on McMahon followed by rights. Shane counters with a DDT off a Dream Street attempt buy DiBiase. Hunter and Batista try to will Shane the their corner. Orton is tagged in as is Hunter. Triple H lands several stiff right hands to the face of Orton in the corner. Triple H takes Orton down but he counter. Not for long as he eats a face buster. Legacy gets involved by Hunter takes them out. Hunter hits the spinebuster on Orton and gets a two count. DiBiase makes the save, Batista gets involved. Batista works with Legacy on the outside. Rhodes gets involved on the inside then takes out Shane. Rhodes is by the time keeper as he hits Shane with a steel chair. Batista gets it next on the outside. Orton and Hunter are in the ring. Orton goes for the RKO. Hunter for the Pedigree. Hunter tries to grab a chair from Batista on the outside. Orton lands the RKO in the ring and gets a two count. They rang the bell but it was botched. Orton goes for a second pinfall as he gets it on Hunter for the three count.

Winner & new WWE Champion – Randy Orton
John Cena (c) vs. Edge
World Heavyweight Championship Match
Last Man Standing Match

Lilian Garcia is in the ring explaining the rules. They only way you can is incapacitate your opponent. The challenger, Edge, comes to the ring first. Loud ‘Cena sucks’ chants before his music plays. He comes out with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. Referee Charles Robinson calls for the bell and the main event is underway. They lockup and go for opening control. Edge goes to the outside off a missed bulldog attempt. Cena chases Edge on the outside. Edge gets back in. Cena follows and goes for an early Attitude Adjuster. They lockup again with Edge applying a side headlock. Edge works Cena over in the corner with right hands. Suplex from Cena in a counter. Cena lefts Edge up but he eats a jawbreaker. Clothesline from Edge with loud ‘Cena sucks’ chants from the crowd. Edge hits another clothesline then pounds away with right hands. Cena lands rights on Edge in a counter but off the ropes Edge fights him off and Charles Robinson starts the count out again.

Cena hits more right hands but Edge counters and sends him face-first into the mat. Edge applies a sleeper hold on Cena. Cena grabs the ropes but Edge pulls him to the middle of the ring. Edge gets on the back of Cena with the sleeper still applied. Edge brings Cena down to the mat and wrenches back on the hold. Shoulder blocks from Cena in a counter followed by a back drop suplex. Cena teases the 5 Knuckle Shuffle but Edge ends up hooking in the Sharpshooter. Edge uses the ropes for leverage as Cena screams for mercy. The hold is broken and Edge ends up knocking Cena off the apron to the outside. Robinson starts the count out. Edge goes to the outside as Cena gets back to his feet. Edge works on Cena then bounces his head off the steel ring steps. Edge goes for a Spear but Cena gets out of the way, causing Edge to go right into the steel ring steps. Edge counters and throws Cena into the steel ring steps. Cena is down, Robinson is making the count. Cena throws Edge into the stairs again. The count starts.

Edge gets back up and Cena rolls him back into the ring. Cena picks up the steel ring steps and drops them. He tries to get them in the ring but struggles to get them in. They’re in as Edge takes him out when he enters. Edge attacks Cena with the stairs then dropkicks into them. Cena sends Edge to the outside, catapulting him over the top rope. Cena picks up the steel ring steps in the ring and tosses them onto Edge on the outside. Cena goes to the outside and rolls Edge back in. They duke it out in the ring. Both men are down – double count out ensues. They both get up, Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment. Edge counters twice, then a third time. Edge finally takes out Cena. Edge mocks Cena but eats a drop toe hold and gets caught in the STF. Edge taps but it doesn’t matter. Cena releases the hold for Robinson to start the count. Edge finally gets back up, Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Edge hits the Spear in a counter. Both men are down and a double count out ensues. Edge gets on the top rope, Cena follows. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment – he connects off the middle rope. Both men are down. Edge gets up at nine but falls back down. Cena goes off the top but is caught with a spear out of the air. Both are down again.

Cena rolls to the outside. Edge follows and clears the announce table. Edge sets the champ up but Cena counters and hits the Attitude Adjustment out into the fans. Edge gets up at nine, Cena can’t believe it. The bout goes to the outside. Cena and Edge go up the arena stairs, they’re in the concourse. They’re back in the arena but working on a set of stairs. Cena hits a running bulldog off the steps and into an equipment area. Cena and Edge work on the ramp with Edge taking Cena out with a DDT. Edge grabs a chair from the back and hits Cena with it. He hits it again right to the head of Cena. Cena gets up at nine, Edge goes for a Spear. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Big Show comes out. Big Show chokeslams him through one of the tremendous spotlights. It basically explodes with Cena through it. Cena is counted out, Edge wins!

Winner & new World Heavyweight Champion – Edge

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