WWE Champion Randy Orton Explains Why Eugene Was Released From WWE

January 29, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Speaking at a SummerSlam promo, WWE Champion Randy Orton said Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore was released from the company as a result of weight issues.

“Eugene was just given a second chance,” The Sun quoted Orton as saying. “He came back two weeks ago and came in a little heavy from where [management] wanted him to come in.”

Orton said he was upset that he returned out of shape after he pulled some strings to get him his job back.

“Nick is a good friend of mine. I pulled some strings to get his job back and he comes back all overweight,” Orton said. “So all in all, I am a little upset with right now with him.”

Dinsmore returned as Eugene at a Smackdown live event in late July before appearing on the August 10th edition of Monday Night Raw in a “Contract On A Pole Match” against The Miz. He was let go the following Friday.

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