WWE Divas Talent Brand Manager, Regal Insults Ashley Massaro; Lena Yada

February 4, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— It was reported a few weeks ago that WWE was looking for a Talent Brand Manager for the WWE Divas brand. The person’s job is to develop and sell promotional concepts involving the female talent to raise their profile. The job also calls for the person to get endorsement deals for the Divas, manage third-party promotional & endorsement contacts, and to expand their core fan base. WWE’s also looking to earn more revenue from the Divas through fan clubs, marketing materials specific to the Divas, and to develop new concepts & ideas for them.

— In the WWE spring preview issue of WWE Magazine, Raw General Manager William Regal is asked to name the person he would trade from Raw to SmackDown or ECW. Regal says Ashley. He said, “Ashley. She’s a scruffy mare. Dirty, filthy little thing, my goodness gracious. Take a bloody bath or something; She’s just dirty looking. She’s there with those bloody things in her lip and tattoos, like someone who works on the docks. She should be unloading fish off a ship somewhere.”

— WWE.com has posted new photos of Lena Yada, which you can see at this link. For whatever reason, she was the lone non-injured WWE Diva not at ringside for last night’s BunnyMania Lumberjack Match at WrestleMania. Although, it could be because they wanted five face Divas and five heel Divas on each side, and she was the odd one out.

See pics from last night’s Bunnymania match at WrestleMania