WWE Heat Report (05/25/08) Taped in Kansas City, Missouri

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WWE Heat Report: 25th May 2008
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Josh Mathews
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia

Welcome to the show. What a week! Judgment Day was an okay show. JBL vs John Cena was boring as hell but Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels had an awesome match. The Women’s title and Tag Team title matches were other highlights for me. John Morrison is the next big breakout singles star in my opinion. On a sidenote, I really feel for William Regal, as he was having the best run of his career. I hope he comes back stronger in 60 days. Also, this week marked the nine-year anniversary of Owen Hart’s death. I said a little prayer for him Friday night and a small self-made poster of Owen still hangs on my wall. Owen was a great talent and will never, ever be forgotten. Now, onto Heat. Unfortunately, the news was confirmed this past Friday, that Heat will be ending in June and WWE Classics will be taking its place. As a result, ECW will be taped on Mondays before Raw with Smackdown being taped on its own on Tuesdays. I’m disappointed in lots of ways at Heat being cancelled and these will be explained in a column I’ll be posting in the near future. For now though, Heat is still around so let’s make the most of it and get into this week’s show.

Highlights from Judgment Day air before we go to our first match.

Cryme Tyme vs Snitsky & Charlie Haas
Big pops for Cryme Tyme, who unfortunately get no mic time this week. Snitsky and Haas come out together to Snitsky’s music. Haas looks happier with his tag team partner this week. Snitsky doesn’t agree and stares at Haas as Haas slaps him on the shoulder. Cryme Tyme have a serious look on their faces. JTG gets the crowd going to begin. Haas backs JTG to the corner then pulls him out by the leg into a quick takedown. Haas delivers arrogant slaps to JTG’s head while talking trash. Haas winds up an arm. JTG uses the ropes to flip back, using the momentum to throw Haas to the mat. JTG taunts Haas by dancing. Haas calls for a test of strength. JTG obliges but immediately gets kicked down. JTG gets up, kicks off a Haas hand, and with the other one still hooked, has some fun by breaking out a wiggly dance jig (ala electrical current being passed through the arm). Haas is disgusted at this and swings a right hook, but JTG counters the right hook then hits a rolling takedown. JTG takes Haas to the corner for a battering ram. Shad then whips JTG into a second battering ram on Haas. Shad gives Haas a double underhook suplex and Haas tags in Snitsky. Shad and Snitsky standoff. Here’s the big showdown. Snitsky flexes his pecs. The crowd boo. Snitsky spits at Shad. Shad nearly throws up after tasting Snitsky’s bad breath. The crowd chant ‘brush your teeth’ to rile Snitsky. Both men exchange shoves after locking up. Shad ducks a lunge and hits a clothesline in the corner. Shad nails a boot then a running kneelift, before getting caught with a hotshot across the top rope. As Shad rests in the ropes, Haas kicks him in the head from the ring apron. Snitsky stomps all over Shad before Haas clubs the back then chokes Shad in the ropes with his hands. Haas drops a knee onto Shad’s back then goes outside to punch on his back and head. Back inside, Snitsky stomps Shad some more before punching him down then jawjacking with the crowd, telling them he doesn’t hear them now. Snitsky drops some elbows then locks in a crossface. Snitsky switches to a front facelock as Shad gets up and punches free. Snitsky clubs the back, sends Shad off the ropes, and both men clothesline each other down. Both men tag out after the referee gets to a seven count. JTG connects with a punch, spinning backelbow and clothesline to Haas. JTG drops Snitsky off the apron with a low dropkick. JTG quickly catches Haas with a neat go-behind takedown. JTG fires up before hitting the seated Haas with a rolling neckbreaker. JTG covers, 1-2-no, Snitsky drops an elbow onto JTG. The referee turns his back to get Snitsky out. Cryme Tyme take advantage by nailing Haas with the G9. 1-2-3. Cryme Tyme earn one instead of stealing one. Not a bad opener. Here Are Your Winners: CRYME TYME. Post match, Shad sells his beating as Cryme Tyme head up the ramp. Meanwhile, the commentators put over the Tag Team division.

Highlights air of WWE’s recent public relations trip to Mexico. (In preparation for the current tour the Raw brand is on). Super Crazy, Mick Foley, Mr Kennedy and Ric Flair were in attendance. Flair said he was proud to be there and respects Mexico. Kennedy put over the live event aspect as opposed to TV. Finally, a fan said he wants to see live WWE TV in Mexico. Speaking of Mexico, Super Crazy is now in action.

Super Crazy vs Robbie McAllister
Rory’s still out with his pectoral injury so Robbie comes out alone. Robbie sends Crazy to the corner then backs away smiling. Robbie elbows out of a Crazy waistlock, goes behind, gets a double leg takedown then stomps on Crazy’s back. Robbie plays to the booing fans before turning back into a hiptoss. Crazy armdrags then wrenches at an arm. Robbie punches the gut to turn the tables. Robbie attempts an armwringer but Crazy reverses, sending Robbie to the mat. Crazy shakes off his arm as Robbie drives his head into Crazy’s gut. Robbie applies a side headlock. Crazy stomps and elbows free. Crazy sends Robbie off the ropes. Robbie hits a shoulder tackle then telegraphs a dropkick by hanging on to the ropes. Robbie hits a dropkick of his own to the back of a seated Crazy. Robbie drops a double axehandle for a nearfall. Robbie drives three knees into Crazy’s back. Robbie gets Crazy up by the hair. Crazy lands some punches. Robbie cuts off a rope whip by catching Crazy with a backbreaker. Robbie drives a couple of knees into the back for a nearfall. Grisham says this is Robbie’s first singles bout since he was destroyed by JBL on Raw three weeks ago. He’s faring a lot better too Grish. Crazy punches at Robbie, so Robbie knees the gut, slams, taunts the crowd then sits on a camel clutch. Crazy gets up, using forearms to fight his way free. Crazy runs into a powerslam. 1-2-no. Robbie slugs away with punches to Crazy’s face before going back to the camel clutch. Robbie breaks to hit a sitdown shot to Crazy’s back. Robbie misses a falling headbutt and double axehandle attempt, with Crazy rolling away both times. Crazy recovers in the corner as Robbie charges into a boot to the face. Crazy comes to life, hitting a spinning heel kick and dropkick. Crazy follows up with low dropkicks to Robbie’s knee and face. A standing moonsault gets Crazy a nearfall. Crazy favours his back as a small ‘Crazy’ chant breaks out. Crazy Irish whips, but Robbie blocks a monkey flip attempt by pushing Crazy down. Robbie misses an elbow attempt from the second rope. Crazy quickly hits a top rope moonsault and wins it. 1-2-3. Good match, most of which proved to be an impressive showcase for Robbie. Nice to see Crazy win also. Here is Your Winner: SUPER CRAZY. Post match, Crazy celebrates while selling the punishment from the match.

Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes
(Non Title)
Main Event time. Londrick have to be content with Heat for another week in their Tag Title pursuit. Londrick come out first followed by Holly and Rhodes. Both teams get face pops with Londrick marginally receiving the bigger one. London and Holly lockup to a stalemate. London gets a side headlock but Holly hits a shoulder tackle. Now Holly gets a side headlock, so London comes back with two armdrags. Holly and London slap hands respectfully. Next up, Holly gets Kendrick in a side headlock. Holly blocks a Kendrick hiptoss attempt, so Kendrick knees the gut, goes up and over, before surprising Holly with a headscissors. Holly and Kendrick exchange respect. Rhodes comes in with a side headlock, shoulder tackle, hiptoss counter and side headlock takedown to Kendrick. While on the mat, Kendrick briefly rolls Rhodes over for a one count, before Rhodes resumes control with the headlock. Kendrick counters the headlock into an armwringer as London hits Rhodes’ arm with a double axehandle from the top rope. Kendrick goes to do the same but Rhodes gets free and backs away. Kendrick delivers an armbar takedown to Rhodes. Londrick then hit Rhodes with a double hiptoss. London traps Rhodes’ arm between his knees for a one count. London applies an armbar. Rhodes counters the armbar by sending London off the ropes. London cartwheels away from a backbodydrop attempt, then quickly rolls underneath a lunge to cue another respectful standoff. London gets a waistlock on Rhodes who elbows free. London reverses off the ropes and now it’s Rhodes’ turn to cartwheel away from a backbodydrop attempt. London doesn’t like that so he dropkicks Rhodes and gets a one count. Londrick hit a double hiptoss flip to Rhodes then take out Holly with a double dropkick. Rhodes eats a double front forearm smash as Londrick celebrate at clearing the ring. Here comes a commercial break. We return to see Holly throw London to the mat to escape an armbar. Holly applies an armbar of his own. Holly sends London off the ropes, London ducks two clotheslines then flips over a backbodydrop attempt, landing on his feet. London applauds but Holly is fed up and he punches London down right between the eyes….very hard. Holly shakes off his fist before delivering a series of stomps, a head ram in the corner and suplex for a nearfall. Holly then hits a sidewalk slam before Rhodes takes over with two kneedrops and a punch for a nearfall. Rhodes traps London in a chinlock then an armbar tieup. London uses his other arm to punch free then surprise Rhodes with a rollup for one. Rhodes regains the advantage with a drop toehold and armbar. Rhodes drives a knee into the arm before applying a hammerlock and another armbar on the mat. Rhodes scores a couple of nearfalls before going back to the armbar yet again. Rhodes switches to a twisting wristlock. London punches, but Rhodes stops him from inching towards a tag by punching him in the back. Rhodes lifts London for a back suplex, London rolls back to his feet, but Rhodes catches him with a side kick to the gut. Rhodes Irish whips and goes for a bulldog, but London throws Rhodes down and makes the hot tag. Kendrick hits a jumping forearm, dropkick, and two flying forearms to Rhodes. Kendrick goes for Sliced Bread # 2 but Rhodes rolls Kendrick back to his feet. Kendrick catches Rhodes with a heel kick. Holly comes in and punches Kendrick down. London dropkicks Holly to the outside. London follows him out where both men pummel the other with punches. Back inside, Rhodes goes for a DDT but Kendrick uses knees to the gut to escape. Kendrick hooks an arm, Rhodes pulls him in but Kendrick ducks a lunge. Rhodes catches Kendrick in a powerslam but Kendrick rolls through, and hooks the leg. 1-2-3. Great matchup which started off slow but built into a great spectacle. Londrick are now in prime position for a World Tag Team title shot. Here Are Your Winners: PAUL LONDON & BRIAN KENDRICK. Post match, Londrick celebrate while Holly and Rhodes get passed their belts. Both teams then shake hands.

Grisham thanks us for watching to end the show.

Best match: Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes.
Worst match: None.
Show verdict: Thumbs up. A solid show. Three well wrestled matchups.

See you back here next week for Heat and a One Night Stand preview. Shaun.

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