WWE Heat Report (10/28/07) Taped in Omaha, Nebraska

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WWE Heat Report-28th October 2007
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia

Welcome aboard. We’re just hours away from Cyber Sunday. Get well soon Candice Michelle. That was one nasty bump you took on Raw. Three matches on hand today. Let’s get this party started.

Charlie Haas vs Val Venis
Grisham notes Val’s rollercoaster of a WWE career. Val takes his time before towelling a ringside stunner. After a long tussle to the corner both men stare each other down. Haas scores with a waistlock into a side headlock but Val reverses then lands a shoulder tackle. Val takes down Haas with a side headlock as the commentators put over Haas’s toughness and intensity which leads Coachman into bringing up Haas mowing down Lilian Garcia during a ring entrance last year. This isn’t the first time Coachman has taken a pot shot at Lilian for no reason. Val delivers a hiptoss counter, armdrag then grounds Haas with a second side headlock takedown. Haas backs Val to the corner, Haas lands some punches. Val comes back with two running kneelifts and a side russian legsweep for a nearfall. Val chops Haas in the corner, Haas reverses a hard Irish whip. Val holds his back on the mat. Haas delivers stomps, double axehandles and punches before slugging away at Val’s face in the ropes. Haas Irish whips then catches Val in a belly-to-belly suplex for a nearfall. Haas wrenches away with a chinlock, Val backelbows free but fails with a suplex attempt. Haas goes for his own suplex but Val counters with a small package for two. Haas quickly regains the advantage with a clothesline, stomp and back suplex. Haas places Val in a seated position for a well placed kick to the back. Val grimaces in pain as Haas gets a nearfall. Haas goes back to the chinlock then breaks to drive his knee and boot into Val’s head a couple of times. Haas attempts a slam, Val slips behind, pushes Haas off the ropes and both men collide resulting in a double knockdown. Haas breaks the referee’s count at four but misses with a corner charge. Val recovers to hit a clothesline, backelbow, double axehandle sledge, corner clothesline and sitout powerbomb for a nearfall. Val delivers a half nelson slam then goes for the Venis flytrap (leg grapevine) but Haas kicks Val face first into the corner. Val manages to counter a Haas lunge with a second half nelson slam. Val goes up top, lands the Money Shot no Haas gets his knees up. Haas lies back into a cover 1-2-wait Val pulls Haas back and hooks the leg 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: VAL VENIS. Excellent opener. These two never have a bad match together with this one being their best effort this year. Post match both men stare at each other from across the ring with Val nodding his head in approval as Haas goes to the back. Haas looks back, Val applauds as a mark of respect. Val then favours his back a little.

Snitsky vs Derek McQuinn
Snitsky works over McQuinn in the corners to start with a shove, clothesline, snake eyes and a second clothesline. Snitsky delivers a slam then an elbow before pulling McQuinn into a seated position so he can rip/pull at his face. Snitsky traps McQuinn in a double underhook mixing in some knees to the gut for good measure. Snitsky delivers a big clothesline which McQuinn doesn’t sell well, staggering before falling. Snitsky gets McQuinn up, pushing him off the ropes into a big boot. Snitsky finishes things with his pumphandle slam. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: SNITSKY. A better squash by Snitsky this week who showed good intensity with the match being short and to the point. Post match sees Snitsky look down at McQuinn for a while before leaving.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Super Crazy vs The Highlanders
Main Event time. Hacksaw and Crazy exchange Hooos and Si’s on the mic before being interrupted by the Highlanders who aren’t in the mood. Robbie gets the better of Crazy with headbutts and an Irish whip but misses a charge allowing Crazy to come back with a monkey flip and two armdrags. Hacksaw tags in resulting in Robbie scurrying into a tag. Hacksaw staggers Rory with punches. Rory feels no effect after getting his head rammed in the corner. Hacksaw blocks Rory’s head ram attempts before delivering more punches, a hiptoss and slam. Rory eats a Hacksaw/Crazy double backelbow before Crazy scores nearfalls following a corkscrew backelbow and oklahoma roll. Crazy delivers an armwringer then Hacksaw sends Rory outside following three clotheslines. Team Ho/Si are on a roll as Heat cuts away for a Cyber Sunday commercial. We return to see Hacksaw trapped in a Robbie chinlock. We don’t get to see the turning point which kills any momentum the match was getting. This is unlike Raw who actually show you the double features whenever they cut to breaks. In total the Highlanders work over Hacksaw with three chinlocks with several uneventful Highlander shots (punches, kicks, headbutts, snapmare etc) and failed Hacksaw offence mounted attempts in-between. Hacksaw finds himself trying to fight out of the wrong corner. Despite rallying, Robbie wears Hacksaw down with a flurry of punches before pushing him down for a nearfall. Rory cracks a double axehandle across Hacksaw’s back before taunting the crowd with a thumbs up/thumbs down sequence. Rory works over Hacksaw in the corner before Irish whipping. Hacksaw manages to backelbow a charging Rory and make the hot tag. Crazy ducks Rory, springing off the second rope and dropkicking Robbie off the ring apron. Crazy thwarts Rory’s sunset flip attempt with a low dropkick. Crazy dropkicks Robbie again (this time through the ropes) then Rory. Crazy hits a standing moonsault on Rory. 1-2-broken up by a Robbie double axehandle. Hacksaw takes Robbie outside with a punch. Hacksaw goes out to trap Robbie in a side headlock. Hacksaw stops to Hoo the crowd, Robbie sends Hacksaw shoulder first into the ringpost. Serves the idiot right. Back inside Crazy slams Rory before going to the second rope. Crazy sees Robbie get on the apron. Crazy clenches his fist prompting Robbie to back down. Crazy goes up top but Robbie’s distraction has allowed Rory to sneak up from behind and yank Crazy’s legs from underneath him. Crazy’s head hits the top turnbuckle and Rory rolls him up, hooking the tights for the cheap 1-2-3. Here Are Your Winners: THE HIGHLANDERS. Post match, Robbie checks on Rory’s bloody nose/lip as Coachman blames Hacksaw’s crowd playing for his team’s loss. Hacksaw consoles his fallen partner from the apron. Bad match. The Highlanders didn’t look particularly good. The match seemed to pick up whenever Super Crazy was in and he deserves better than being lumbered with Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Grisham plugs the Highlanders and their World Tag Team Title pursuit before thanking us for watching to end the show.

Best Match: Charlie Haas vs Val Venis.
Worst Match: Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Super Crazy vs The Highlanders.
Show Verdict: Thumbs in the middle. The opening matchup, Snitsky’s intensity and Super Crazy’s ring time were this week’s highlights.

I gave my personal picks for Cyber Sunday yesterday on the Chuck Palumbo/Kenny Dykstra report so here’s what I think will actually get voted in.


Enjoy Cyber Sunday wherever you are. I’ll see you next week for Heat, maybe before if WWE.com puts up another bonus match. Shaun.

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