WWE Raw Results (1/13): Seth Rollins Gains A New Disciple, Contract Signing, Brock Lesnar, More!

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We kick off tonight’s WWE Raw with the Viper, Randy Orton! He says he was asked to come out and excitedly welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw, but that’s not his style, so instead, he calls out AJ Styles. Orton says when he comes out, he’ll show him why he is a favorite to win the Royal Rumble this year, and then hit him with an RKO.

AJ obliges and hits the ring, asking if he is going to pretend to have another injury, admitting that Orton got him. He said out of the goodness of his heart he believed he was hurt, but he got repaid with an RKO. Styles says Orton isn’t a favorite for the Rumble, reminding him that last week he hit the sweetest RKO ever.

Styles says that might be all he needs to win the match as he begins listing men that he would throw over the top rope, which leads to Drew McIntyre coming out. He jokes that he’s had a tough few weeks lately against the likes of the conga line, but he is now looking for bigger opponents.

Drew then gives us two options- 1. Do the fans want to see them talk all night, or 2. do you want to see a triple threat match right now? I think you know the answer…


Straight away, Drew McIntyre attacks AJ, but he is then caught with a finger poke from Orton who disposes of him out of the ring. The Viper then focuses on AJ, looking to hit him with the classic DDT from the second ropes, but Luke Gallows appears out of nowhere and pulls him away.

Karl Anderson then hits the ring but he’s taken out with an RKO, while Gallows eats a Claymore Kick on the outside of the ring.

We return from commercial with the distractions dealt with as Orton is in control, with Drew hanging on the turnbuckles while AJ is sat on the top turnbuckle. Orton hits a suplex to AJ from the second rope, while Drew sits up and rags Orton across the ring at the same time.

Anything Drew can do…no one can do better.#RAW @DMcIntyreWWE pic.twitter.com/ajVgpxtIzh

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) January 14, 2020

The three men then begin trading blows, with AJ turning things around with a Pele kick until he is taken out by a clothesline. McIntyre returns to dominance with a Glasgow Kiss for each man as he then plants Styles with a Futureshock DDT.

McIntyre’s Claymore Kick attempt is reversed by the Viper, who hits a dropkick, but Drew regains dominance by attacking Orton on the outside. However, while his focus is off AJ, he flings himself over the top rope to his a Phenomenal Forearm, which walks Drew into Orton who drops him on the barricade.

The Viper then uses the steel steps, smashing them into the head of Drew, taking him out.  AJ and Orton then focus on each other, with Styles delivering the classic Orton DDT from the second rope to Randy as he then hits the mat, setting up the RKO.

Styles isn’t able to connect with the move, as Orton battles away but he does connect with another Pele Kick. Orton gets back in control of AJ and he takes a leaf out of Styles’ book by hitting the Styles Clash, but AJ is able to kick out of the move.

.@RandyOrton just gave @AJStylesOrg a #StylesClash on #RAW!

Well done, Randy… 👏 pic.twitter.com/uXar4fThLE

— WWE (@WWE) January 14, 2020

As they get back up, Orton destroys Styles with an RKO, but before he can go for a pinfall attempt, Drew nails him with the Claymore Kick. McIntyre then pins AJ Styles to gain a huge victory.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

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