WWE Raw Results 9/4

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WWE Raw is live tonight from Century Link Center in Omaha. 
The much-anticipated match of the night is the steel cage match between Braun Strowman and Big Show. There will also likely be some heat between the Hardy Boyz and Intercontinental Champion Miz and The Miztourage. 
Hit refresh on your browser throughout the night for updates on the show in progress. 

John Cena vs Jason Jordan
Hustle Loyalty Respect nation is represented right from the start as John Cena comes out first as JoJo Offerman does the in-ring introductions. Jordan comes out next.
Jordan single legs Cena into a pin. Jordan only gets a one count. Cena tries to lock up but Jordan goes behind Cena and rolls him up for another one count. Cena and Jordan lock up. Jordan drops Cena to the mat into a rear waist lock. Cena stands out of it and counters into a snap mare. Belly-to-back takedown by Jordan into another waist lock. Cena stands out of it and counters into a hip toss. Fireman’s carry into another waist lock by Jordan. Cena is struggling to get out of it for the third time. Cena elbows his way out of it and decks Jordan with a right hand. Rear chin lock by Cena. Another stiff right by Cena. Vertical suplex by Cena. Cena waits for Jordan to get up now. Cena with another right hand as he works Jordan around the ring. Cena with a stiff whip into the corner for another 2 count. We go to commercial.
After a short break, Jordan hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Cena. Jordan misses a corner shoulder block. Running Shoulder block by Cena. Jordan back flips out of the Proto-plex and stick Cena with a dropkick. both Cena and Jordan are down. Cena and Jordan get to their feet. Jordan and Cena exchange punches. Jordan picks up Cena but Cena counters into a sunset flip for a near fall. Proto-plex by Cena. Five knuckle shuffle by Cena. Cena calls for the AA. Jordan counters into a roll up. Cena kicks out then locks in the STF. Jordan reverses the STF into a crossface with a full headlock! Cena powers out of it. Jordan counters into a northern lights suplex. before the referee can count Jordan rolls into another northern light for a near fall! Running shoulder block by Jordan. Jordan sets up his finish but Cena counter. AA by Cena for the victory!

The #GoldBlooded @JasonJordanJJ steps up to the veteran @JohnCena in a BIG way to kick off a special #LaborDay edition of #RAW! pic.twitter.com/2Uue4tDCBF
— WWE (@WWE) September 5, 2017

Winner: John Cena
After the match, Cena says something to Jordan and pats him on the head as a sign of respect. Cena helps Jordan up and gives him a hug.

Reigns is in the ring with Cena. Cena is pacing back and forth. Reigns says he has one question for Cena. If Cena is what he says he is, why does it take a 16-time champ 20 minutes to beat a rookie. Reigns says Cena strung it out then he crushed his spirits. Or Cena lied last week and he isn’t a good as he thinks he is. That means Cena proved Reigns right. Cena is a lying, fake-a$$, little B*tch. Cena welcomes the Debbie Downer to the show. Cena instructs Reigns to stop trying to use his brain because it’s not his strong suit. Cena says Reigns is thinking of questions but Reigns will get all of the answers to his questions when the fight. Cena says Reigns came out with his fly down. Reigns retorts that he actually busted it. He is the “Big Dog”, remember?
Cena says the only question Reigns will have after No Mercy is how did this happen. Cena says Reigns is a conceited, know-it-all golden boy that needs to be taught about respect. Cena gives props to guys like Jordan, Chad Gable and The Miz for putting in work each week. He respects that. Cena says he does not respect Reigns. Cena doesn’t respect how Reigns walks down here and calls Cena a fake b—h. The only person living a lie here is Reigns. Cena goes on and wonders if Reigns can see what’s going on here, or does he need to beat some sense into Reigns. Reigns says now they’re talking. He tells Cena to do it, bring it. Fans cheer and a “yes!” chant starts up. Reigns tells Cena to do it right now. Reigns asks if fans want to see Cena beat his ass and they do.
Reigns taunts Cena and says this is Cena’s moment to finally back up his big mouth. Just like Reigns thought, Cena is all talk and that’s why he doesn’t respect Cena. Reigns drops the mic and leaves the ring as his music hits. Cena stares him down with a smirk on his face.
 Cesaro and Sheamus vs. Rhyno and Heath Slater
Back from the break and out comes RAW Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose for commentary. Sheamus and Cesaro are out next. They taunt the champs on the way to the ring. It’s confirmed that they will get their match at No Mercy. Rhyno and Heath Slater are waiting in the ring.
The bell rings and Slater tries to a quick pin attempt on Cesaro but it backfires and Slater gets beat down. Sheamus comes in and unloads on Slater in the corner. Cesaro tags back in for a 2 count.
Rhyno comes in and ends up unloading on Sheamus. Rhyno with a close 2 count as Cesaro breaks the pin. This leads to Sheamus hitting a Brogue Kick on Rhyno for the easy win.

#RAW #TagTeamChampions @WWERollins & @TheDeanAmbrose keep a close eye on @WWESheamus & @WWECesaro as they face @HeathSlaterOMRB & @Rhyno313! pic.twitter.com/2bZAAh5VRG
— WWE (@WWE) September 5, 2017

Winners: Sheamus and Cesaro
Intercontinental Championship Match – The Miz with Miztourage vs Jeff Hardy with Matt Hardy
Back from the break and out comes Jeff Hardy with Matt Hardy. WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz is out next with Maryse, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. We get formal ring introductions from JoJo.
Jeff goes for a quick pin attempt but Miz kicks out. Back and forth between the two now as they go at it. Jeff ends up sending Miz to the floor. He runs the ropes for a dive but puts the brakes on as The Miztourage and Miz moves out of the way. We go to commercial.
More back and forth after the break. Jeff drops Miz for a close 2 count. Jeff goes to the top and hits Whisper In the Wind for another pin attempt. Jeff goes back to the top but Axel pushes him off while Bo is distracting the referee. Matt comes over and takes out Axel on the floor. Bo charges but Matt fights him off. Fans chant “delete!” as Matt faces off with Axel and Bo. The referee ejects Matt, Axel and Dallas from ringside. Miz isn’t happy.
Jeff comes from behind and rolls Miz up for a close 2 count. Jeff with the Russian leg sweep and the leg drop for another 2 count. Jeff keeps control but Miz counters and hits a DDT for a close 2 count. Jeff avoids a Skull Crushing Finale and rolls Miz up for a 2 count. Jeff has Miz in the corner but Miz counters again. Miz with a running knee for a 2 count.
It kicks by Miz. As always Miz misses the last kick. Jeff kicks Miz into the corner. Jeff lands his corner dropkick for another near fall. Miz rolls out to the floor. Jeff goes to the apron but Miz trips Jeff off the apron. Jeff tumbles to the floor. Miz rolls Jeff into the ring for a near fall. Jeff kicks out. Miz locks in the figure four. Miz yells at Jeff to tap. Jeff gets to the bottom rope to break the hold. Twist of Fate by Jeff. Miz grabs the bottom rope to break the pin. Miz rolls to the outside. Jeff baseball slides Miz. Jeff hits poetry in motion using the stairs on the outside. Jeff misses the Swanton after Maryse nudges Miz to wake him up. Jeff sets up the Twist of Fate but Miz counters into the Skull Crushing Finale for the win!

With The #Miztourage & @MATTHARDYBRAND ejected from ringside, it’s all about @mikethemiz & @JEFFHARDYBRAND RIGHT NOW on #RAW! #ICTitle pic.twitter.com/PyXNgMB8tu
— WWE (@WWE) September 5, 2017

Winner: Miz Retains Intercontinental Championship
Backstage Women’s Division Drama
We get a look at Alexa Bliss winning the RAW Women’s Title last week. Cole confirms Sasha Banks will get her rematch at No Mercy.
Nia Jax walks in on RAW General Manager Kurt Angle backstage. She wonders how Sasha is getting a title shot before her. Kurt says it’s Sasha’s contractually obligated title shot. She goes on about opportunities when Emma walks in. She says according to Twitter, people were talking about her last week, not Nia. Emma has a new hashtag this week – #GiveEmmaAChanceAtTheWomensTitle. Nia threatens Emma and Angle shuts them up. He makes a tag match for tonight. If Emma and Jax win, they will be put into the title match at No Mercy to make it a Fatal 4 Way.
Drew Gulak, Noam Dar, and Tony Nese vs Enzo, Grand Metalik, and Cedric Alexander
After a multiple drop-downs and leap frogs, Alexander takes Nese over with a backflip headlock take over. Alexander is a house of fire so of course, Enzo tags himself in. Enzo dances around like an @$$ before grabbing a side headlock. Nese back suplexes Enzo onto the top turnbuckle. The heels take turns beating down Enzo. Enzo manages to take in Alexander. Alexander destroys Gulak with a back elbow and a springboard head kick. Enzo tags himself in as Alexander and Metalik dive to the outside. Enzo pokes Gulak in the eyes, then hits Eat Defeat for the win.

Teamwork is taken to NEW HEIGHTS as @CedricAlexander & @WWEGranMetalik take flight to give their team a distinct advantage on #RAW! #205Live pic.twitter.com/pCBchGa2hC
— WWE (@WWE) September 5, 2017

Winners: Enzo, Grand Metalik, and Cedric Alexander
Backstage with Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks
Alexa Bliss walks into Sasha Banks looker room. Bliss says Jax and Emma are jealous. Banks says Bliss needs her. If they lose, Bliss’ chances go down to 25%. Banks says she is going to make Bliss scream as she taps out at No Mercy.
Finn Balor-Bray Wyatt Feud
Back from the break and out comes Finn Balor to a pop.
Balor declares that Omaha is Balor Club, and does a “too sweet” for the fans. Balor says the WWE NXT Title and the WWE Universal Title used to look good around his waist and the WWE Intercontinental Title would have looked good around his waist but Bray Wyatt cost him the chance last week. Balor says he learned that you never really get rid of a guy like Wyatt, despite winning at SummerSlam. Balor promises that he will be ready for the next time Wyatt appears. Balor says he’s chosen his fate and he’s not afraid. He doesn’t run from his demons because sometimes, he becomes them. If Wyatt wants to continue playing games week after week, let’s play them. The graphic flashes and Wyatt appears on the big screen.
Wyatt talks about how his bare hands are judge, jury and executioner. Wyatt goes on and says Balor wasn’t victorious over him at SummerSlam, The Demon was. Wyatt tells Balor to put The Demon down and face him man-to-man, show him no mercy. Wyatt tells Balor to make his choice. Balor has already made his choice and he already knows who he is – he is Finn Balor. Wyatt wonders if Balor will topple him or run like a scared little rabbit at No Mercy. Wyatt tells Balor to run. Back to commercial.
Raw Women’s Champ Alexa Bliss & Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax & Emma
Back from the break and out first comes RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. Sasha Banks is out next. Nia Jax is out first for her team. Emma is out last. If Emma and Nia win, they get put into the title match at No Mercy to make it a Fatal 4 Way.
We join the match in progress to see Jax slam Banks off her back. Banks comes back with some chops before trying for an arm drag, but Jax doesn’t go down. Jax then body slams her. Emma tags herself in and picks up a one count. Emma puts Banks in the corner and punches her down. Emma then stomps away at her for a two count. Emma hits a low dropkick for a two count. Banks elbows her back, but Emma kicks her and whips her to the corner. Banks rolls her up for a one count. Emma takes her down and gets a jackknife pin for a two count. They continue to trade pins before Emma clotheslines her down for a two count. Emma applies a full nelson, but Banks fights up. Emma clubs her down before trying for a suplex, but Banks blocks it. Banks then executes a suplex. Alexa Bliss tags in, and she clubs Emma before stomping away at her in the corner. Bliss forearms her before eating a boot. Bliss pulls Emma down by the hair before punching away at her. Banks tags in, and she stomps Emma down in the corner. Banks hits a snapmare before catching her with a running double knee for a two count. Banks applies a surfboard stretch and keeps Emma away from Jax. Bliss tags in, and they hit Emma with a double-team suplex for a two count. Bliss stands on the hair and pulls up on her. Bliss chokes her on the middle rope before taunting Jax. Bliss stomps her in the corner before applying a chin lock. Emma fights up, but Bliss slams her down. Bliss stands on the top rope, but Emma moves. Bliss gets down and grabs her, but Emma hits a jawbreaker.
Jax tags in the match, so Bliss slaps her. Jax wipes her out with a short-arm clothesline before avalanching her in the corner. Jax throws her across the ring before dropping a pair of elbows. Bliss forearms her back before trying for a DDT, but Jax squashes her with a Samoan Drop. Banks breaks up the pin. Bliss kicks Jax back and sidesteps an avalanche. Banks tags in and snaps Jax off the top rope. Banks comes off the top rope with a cross-body block, but Jax catches her. Banks goes for a sunset flip and moves when Jax tries to counter with a cannonball. Banks tries for a Bank Statement, but Jax avalanches her. Emma blind tags in while Jax drops a leg on Banks. Emma covers Banks for the win.

Every. Woman. For. HERSELF!#RAW #WWENoMercy #NotLikeMost @EmmaWWE @NiaJaxWWE pic.twitter.com/9HsjhMYaMZ
— WWE (@WWE) September 5, 2017

Winners: Nia Jax and Emma
At No Mercy, the RAW Women’s Championship will now be a Fatal 4-Way. Alexa Bliss will defend against Sasha Banks, Nia Jax, and Emma. Jax grabs Emma and gives her a Samoan Drop after the match.
Backstage With The Monster 
Renee Young is backstage with Braun Strowman, who gets a big reaction. She asks what he’s thinking about his first Steel Cage Match. Strowman wonders what Kurt Angle is thinking. He’s supposed to be facing Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship in a few weeks, but tonight he’s in a Steel Cage Match with Big Show. Strowman will destroy him and slam him for the win. This might affect his title opportunity at No Mercy, but he’s not complaining. Strowman doesn’t see Angle putting Brock Lesnar in a Steel Cage before No Mercy. Tonight, he’s sending a message to Kurt Angle, Big Show, and Brock Lesnar. No matter where the monster among men goes, destruction follows.
Raw Tag Champs Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
Back from the break and Karl Anderson waits in the ring with partner Luke Gallows for this non-title match. Sheamus and Cesaro come down to argue with them. They leave the ring to watch from ringside as RAW Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are out next.
Rollins and Anderson start things off. Rollins gets the upperhand early on as fans cheer. Rollins keeps control as Sheamus and Cesaro watch from ringside. Ambrose tags in and keeps up the attack on Anderson. Luke Gallows ends up coming in. Ambrose tags back in but Gallows rocks him and takes control. Rollins tags in and they double team Gallows. Anderson runs in but he gets sent over the top to the floor. Rollins and Ambrose leap out onto their opponents on the floor. They stand tall as we go to commercial.
After a short break, Gallows is working a rear chin lock on Ambrose. Ambrose fights out of it. Ambrose tries a tornado DDT but Gallows reverses it into a double arm chokeslam for a near fall. Anderson tags in and stomps Ambrose in the corner. Anderson drives his elbow into the point of Ambrose’s Jaw for a yet another near fall. Ambrose elbows Anderson and Gallows. Ambrose runs into a lariat by Anderson. Gallows and Anderson work over Ambrose.
Ambrose tries to fight back and looks for a tag but Anderson hits a clothesline for a 2 count. Gallows comes back in and hits a splash in the corner. Gallows with another shot before tagging in Anderson. Rollins breaks up a close pin attempt. Anderson takes Ambrose to the top for a superplex as Sheamus and Cesaro look on. Ambrose blocks it and headbutts Anderson to the mat. Gallows comes in and nails Ambrose. Ambrose comes off the top but Gallows catches him. Ambrose with a dropkick and a Lunatic Lariat to finally drop Gallows.
Anderson comes back in but Ambrose ducks him and tags in Rollins. Rollins comes off the top and goes to work on Anderson. Rollins with a Blockbuster. Rollins takes Gallows down on the floor. Rollins comes back in and hits a Slingblade on Anderson. Rollins takes Anderson to the top. Gallows gets on the apron but Rollins decks him. Ambrose nails a suicide dive to Gallows on the floor. Rollins climbs back up and hits a hurricanrana on Anderson. Sheamus distracts the referee from the apron. Cesaro gets on the other side of the apron but Ambrose grabs his leg. The interference backfires as Anderson gets hit and Rollins rolls him up for the pin.

No matter how impressed you are with @WWERollins & @TheDeanAmbrose‘s teamwork, @WWESheamus & @WWECesaro remain COMPLETELY unenthused! #RAW pic.twitter.com/uqzQaNDQiY
— WWE (@WWE) September 5, 2017

Winners: Raw Tag Champs Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose
After the match, Rollins and Ambrose look on from the ramp as Sheamus and Cesaro talk trash from the ring. Gallows and Anderson come from behind to dump Cesaro and Sheamus to the floor. Sheamus and Cesaro go back into the ring and start brawling. They clear the ring of Gallows and Anderson while the champs look on, mocking them about being scared.
Backstage For 205 Live Fatal 5-Way Announcement
Enzo Amore is backstage with Cedric Alexander and Gran Metalik bragging about their victory. Enzo is going to take them out for steaks. Neville walks up to them sarcastically clapping. There will be a Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match on 205 Live tomorrow. The winner of that match will challenge him for the Cruiserweight Championship at No Mercy. They’re friends this evening and fools the next. Neville tells them to get some rest.
Steel Cage Match Preparations
The ring crew is reinforcing the ring in preparation for the Steel Cage Match.
Charly Caruso is backstage with referee John Cone. She asks about being the referee of the last Braun Strowman vs. Big Show match. Cone says he’ll never forget that moment. He was assured the ring was reinforced, but when you put those two in a ring together, you have to watch out. He’s just going to stay out of the way.
Renee Young is backstage with The Big Show. She asks for his thoughts on facing Braun Strowman. Big Show has never faced an opponent like Braun Strowman. He’s had more Steel Cage Matches than Strowman has had matches. He’ll shred the skin on his face and break his bones. Then he’ll wrap his hand around his throat and chokeslam him straight to hell. He’ll walk out victorious. Strowman doesn’t respect him. Strowman wants respect on what he thinks he’s owed rather than what’s earned. Strowman wants to put him out to pasture, but in order to do that, he’ll have to break him. In 23 years, there hasn’t been one superstar big enough or bad enough to break him. If Strowman wants to send him a message, he’s got a message for him. Strowman thinks he’s the Monster Among Men, but he’s the World’s Largest Athlete.
The Steel Cage begins to descend around the ring. Big Show faces Braun Strowman, next.
Steel Cage Match – Braun Strowman vs Big Show
The bell rings, and Strowman immediately big boots him back and punches him down. Strowman stomps him before slamming him off the wall of the cage a few times before avalanching him against it three times. Strowman tries a fourth time, but Big Show levels him with a KO Punch as we go to commercial.

WOW.#RAW #SteelCageMatch @WWETheBigShow @BraunStrowman pic.twitter.com/Bio1Nrz6cu
— WWE (@WWE) September 5, 2017

Back from the break and both Superstars are down in the middle of the ring again. Braun gets up first and charges but Show side-steps and sends Braun into the steel. Show steps on Braun and keeps control. Show launches Strowman into the cage again. Show talks some trash and launches Braun into the cage again.
Show starts to climb the cage. Strowman cuts him off. After a head butt, Show gets crotched on the top rope. Strowman tries to climb the cage but Show sweeps his leg, Strowman gets crotched on the top rope as well. Show hits a diving elbow drop off the top!!! Strowman kicks out. Show tries to crawl out of the cage but Strowman cuts him off. Strowman slams the cage door on Show’s head. Strowman tries to exit the cage but Show slams the door on him.
Show tries to crawl out of the cage but Strowman cuts him off. Strowman slams the cage door on Show’s head. Strowman tries to exit the cage but Show slams the door on Strowman’s head. Show hits a running shoulder tackle. Show calls for the chokeslam. Strowman counters into a DDT for a near fall. Strowman slams the mat in anger. As Strowmand and Show try to get to their feet they trade shots. Chokeslam by Show. Strowman somehow kicks out! Show misses the WMD. Strowman tries to running power slam Show but SHow counters and sends Strowman head first into the cage. Show climbs the cage but Strowman cuts him off yet again. Show knocks Strowman off the top rope. Show almost climbs out but Strowman pulls Show back into the ring. Strowman splashes Show into the cage. Show gets on the top rope. Strowman meets him with a right hand. Strowman superplexes Show back into the ring. Strowman picks up Show and crushes him with the running power slam for the win.
Winner: Braun Strowman

WHEW! Thank goodness for that double-reinforced ring! #RAW @BraunStrowman @WWETheBigShow pic.twitter.com/TAI0TjZEmi
— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) September 5, 2017