WWE Smackdown 8/27 TV results & recap: Dudley Boyz return, Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus

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By Steve Khan, WrestlingObserver.com


– Air Date: August 27, 2015 (Aug 26 in Canada)

– Location: Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, RI


The Big News:


The Dudley Boyz returned to the ring and the new Wyatt guy laid out Roman Reigns again.


Show Recap:


Smackdown opened with a replay of the Dudley Boyz return on Raw and a plug for their return match later tonight. Then the Wyatts came out.


They showed a replay Braun Stowman destroying Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose on Raw. Luke Harper said the fans were already dead but don’t know it yet, and Bray Wyatt’s truth will give them new life.


Bray said he doesn’t throw the word “brother” around like Roman Reigns. Bray said Sister Abigail has given him everything, and just when he thought he was down and out, she gave him Stowman.


Bray said Abigail’s eyes light up when she talks about her black sheep. Bray called himself the new face of fear, Luke Harper the new face of desolation, and Braun Stowman the new face of destruction.


Reigns and Ambrose interrupted. They came out together through the crowd to Reigns’ music, which might be the first time they’ve done that since The Shield broke up.


Reigns said Stowman whipped their asses on Monday, but if they’re going down, they’re going down swinging. Ambrose said he would take the ugly one and they jumped in the ring. The two teams had a brief staredown, but Bray backed off his group and they left. Not sure why Reigns and Ambrose didn’t just attack them.


Jerry Lawler introduced us to Rich Brennen, who was on commentary in place of Tom Phillips.


The Dudley Boyz beat The Ascension via pinfall


Bubba and D-Von were billed from Dudleyville. Jimmy Uso was very excited for this and the crowd immediately chanted “We want tables.” The Dudleys were in total control, using frequent tags and double team moves.


After D-Von hit a diving headbutt to the groin, Bubba called for tables. D-Von went looking but was knocked down by Konnor. Ascension briefly had the heat, but D-Von got the hot tag and hit a flapjack and neckbreaker. Bubba tagged himself in and they hit 3D on Konnor for the win.


They set up a table in the ring but The New Day came out. Each guy held up a sign in protest, reading “Save a table, break a Dudley”, “Booty!” and “#GiveTablesAChance”. Bubba put Viktor through a table with an assisted powerbomb off the ropes.


This was a fine return, though D-Von definitely looked slow during his comeback.


Kevin Owens beat Neville via pinfall


Neville tried a baseball slide but Owens dodged and hit a clothesline, followed by a swinging neckbreaker for two. After a break, Owens hit a clothesline and senton. Neville fought out of a chin lock, hitting kicks and a springboard dropkick.


Neville hit a German suplex and superkick. Owens got up before Neville could go for Red Arrow and hit Neville with a superkick of his own, followed by a pop-up powerbomb for the win. This was alright.


Backstage, Charlotte and Becky Lynch were confronted by Nikki and Brie Bella. The Bellas tried to drive a wedge between Team PCB by pointing out that their leader, Paige, was not there tonight because she had more important responsibilities. They also referenced Paige calling it “her” team.


Charlotte basically didn’t care about anything they said and asked if they were still in high school. Brie responded by saying she graduated 13 years ago. Ok? Charlotte said they’re all leaders in their team, and reminded the Bellas that Nikki turned on Brie last year and wished her dead.


Lynch said they have integrity and loyalty, unlike the Bellas, and pointed out that Alicia Fox wasn’t there tonight either. The women tried their best I guess but the writing was dumb again. Not nearly as bad as Raw, though.


Charlotte & Becky Lynch beat Brie & Nikki Bella via pinfall


Team B.A.D. were on commentary. Because of Naomi’s inclusion, Jimmy Uso actually recused himself from the table, which is funny. Naomi said she isn’t sure what the Bellas are good at, because they certainly aren’t good in the ring. Brennan reminded her that Nikki is the champion. Banks wanted to know where her title shot was after she made Nikki tapout.


The Bellas double teamed Lynch who came back with leg drops on Brie. Charlotte tagged in but missed a knee drop, so Brie kicked her leg out of her leg and applied an ugly… Haas of Pain, I guess.


Charlotte knocked Brie out of the ring and very, very, very slowly crawled towards Lynch, but Nikki knocked Lynch off the apron. Brie jumped back in the ring but Charlotte used a rollup for the win. Less than average match to put it nicely, and Team B.A.D. provided nothing on commentary.


Seth Rollins, wearing all black, came out for the top of the hour segment. They recapped what happened with Jon Stewart at SummerSlam and announced Seth Rollins vs. Sting at Night of Champions.


Rollins said Monday was supposed to be the greatest moment of his life with the unveiling of his statue, which would have immortalized him. Rollins said he was the first man to cash in his MITB briefcase during the WrestleMania main event and is the first man to be U.S. and WWE champion in WWE history.


He said Hollywood should make a movie about his life and August 23rd, the night he beat John Cena, should be a national holiday. Monday was supposed to be the greatest day of his life, but Sting ruined it.  


Rollins said he has already accomplished more than Sting and added that Sting was toiling away in the minor leagues. Rollins said he was not afraid of Sting, Sting should be afraid of him. Rollins said Triple H told him that his biggest regret was not putting Sting away at WrestleMania. Rollins called Sting an artifact and would crush his old bones to dust.


Backstage, Sheamus did a nothing interview with Jo-Jo about Dean Ambrose and reminded us what it means to be Mr. Money in the Bank.


Ryback & Dolph Ziggler (w/Lana) beat Big Show & Rusev (w/Summer Rae) via pinfall


Ryback knocked down Show with a running shoulder block and got ready for the meat hook clothesline, but Rusev distracted him and Show knocked him down. Rusev tagged himself in and Show looked displeased.


After a break, Rusev hit a dropkick and elbow drops, all while telling Show he wasn’t tagging out. Ryback hit a spinebuster and tagged in Dolph who ran wild on Show (who got the tag from Rusev finally), hitting a DDT and superkick. Ziggler went for a Fameasser but Show picked him up and hit a giant electric chair drop.


Show hit the knockout punch on Ziggler but Rusev tagged himself in. Rusev applied the Accolade, so Show knocked out Rusev and walked out. Ziggler woke up and covered Rusev for the win. Nothing match and stupid finish.


They recapped the end of the Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker match from SummerSlam, showed Paul Heyman’s promo from Raw, as well as Lesnar killing Bo Dallas. They also did a video package for the Jon Stewart/John Cena angle from Raw.


Backstage, Ambrose told Reigns he doesn’t know what “Respect the ‘hawk” means, but tonight Sheamus would respect his fist and elbow and knee and boot. Ambrose began ranting about the Wyatts but Reigns told him to stay focused on Sheamus. Reigns said he would make a couple of rounds (around the building) to make sure the Wyatts were gone.


Jerry Lawler showed us how to order pizza in his tablet.


Sheamus beat Dean Ambrose via pinfall


Ambrose took the fight to the outside, ramming Sheamus into the announce table and jumping off the table to hit a flying forearm. Sheamus tossed Ambrose into the barricade however, and scoop slammed him on the table (which didn’t break). None of this was a DQ.


After a break, Sheamus used a stretch muffler. Ambrose tried to counter but Sheamus hit a sit-out powerbomb. Sheamus tried his clubbing forearms spot but Ambrose countered and did the spot himself. Sheamus brushed him off, but Ambrose did his comeback, using a bulldog and Oklahoma roll for two.


Amrbose hit a suicide dive and diving elbow drop for two. Ambrose countered a Brogue kick into a school boy for two, followed by a rebound clothesline. Ambrose ripped off his shirt, the lights went out and the Wyatts appeared, surrounding the ring.


This distracted Ambrose and Sheamus hit a Brogue kick for the win. The Wyatts jumped in the ring but Reigns’ music hit and he ran out from the stage, immediately taking out Harper with a superman punch.


Reigns had a staredown with Stowman as Wyatt looked on. Reigns threw a punch but Stowman no-sold it. Reigns hit a few more punches but Stowman choked him out easily and left him laying. Wyatts stood tall to end the show.


Final Thoughts:


Besides the return of the Dudleys this show wasn’t particularly interesting or noteworthy and just felt like an extension of Raw. Even more than usual.