WWE Star Upset With Switching Brands, Batista's Move To Raw, Triple H Update

February 3, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

source: www.prowrestling.NET

— Rey Mysterio was not happy about changing brands. He was proud of the fact that SmackDown greatly reached out to the Latino demographic in contrast to Raw. On another note, he was also upset about having to leave some friends behind on SmackDown and felt snubbed about not being informed of the move ahead of time. Even after being called at the last minute while doing promotional work in Mexico, he didn’t know he was being moved to Raw until moments before the live announcement on television.

— It was initially assumed that Batista knew he was being moved over to Raw ahead of time, but the buzz backstage is that he actually wasn’t aware. Nonetheless, the feeling is that he should be thrilled about the move since he’s going to be featured as one of the top stars on Raw, either as a top babyface with John Cena or as a top heel with Randy Orton.

— WWE sources are saying that Triple H was the only wrestler told ahead of time that he/she’d be switching brands.

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