WWE Vintage Collection Report (03/25/12)

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WWE Vintage Collection Report: March 25th 2012
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

This week, Hall of Famers collide as we bring the curtain down on our three week retrospective.

Championship Wrestling: January 8th 1983
“Superstar” Billy Graham (2004) w/The Grand Wizard vs Curt Hennig (2007)
Graham was back for a second tenure in the company. However, the tie-dye outfit, blonde hair and goatee of the former WWWF champion is gone, in favour of a bald head and dark moustache. Graham’s also decked in martial arts pants and doing a karate gimmick. Hennig was a few years from becoming ‘perfect,’ sporting a perm and short purple trunks. Graham pops Hennig in the head after a couple of headlocks, but Hennig hits back. Hennig can’t irish whip his larger opponent, so he goes after an arm, yanking away and chopping between Graham’s fingers during a wristlock. Graham grabs the hair to shoot Hennig off the ropes. Hennig leapfrogs over a backbodydrop, ducks under a clothesline, but leaps into a bearhug. Hennig quickly rakes the face to escape, before attacking Graham’s gut and flooring him with a less then stellar dropkick. Hennig misses a diving cross body and Graham finishes him with a karate uppercut thrust to the throat. Hennig would leave in 1984 to enjoy a successful four year tenure in the AWA before making a perfect return. Graham would fail to reignite a past feud with Bob Backlund and left after literally tearing Backlund’s belt apart. He would return for one last run in the late 80s, but injuries to his hip and ankle due to years of steroid abuse forced him into permanent retirement. Winner: “SUPERSTAR” BILLY GRAHAM.

WWF Prime Time Wrestling: March 2nd 1987
“Mr Wonderful” Paul Orndorff (2005) vs Pedro Morales (1995)
Morales was the first ever triple crown winner, but was winding down his in-ring career and would soon retire. Bobby Heenan accompanies Orndorff to the ring, before joining Gorilla Monsoon at the announce table. Monsoon refers to Orndorff as “Benedict” after the general Benedict Arnold, likening Orndorff’s betrayal of Hulk Hogan to that of Arnold’s defection to the British Army during the American Revolutionary War in the 1700s. That’s today’s History lesson over. Now back to the wrestling. Morales clears the ring early on, forcing Orndorff into a re-think. Orndorff re-enters and kneelifts Morales out onto the apron. Orndorff doesn’t let up as he stomps Morales, who’s sprawled out across the announce table, then chokes him with his boot underneath the bottom rope. Back inside, Orndorff snapmares and heads to the top rope. Morales catches Orndorff in mid-air with a gut punch. Orndorff’s head bounces off two corners, before he reverses Morales off the ropes. Morales ducks under a clothesline and lands a cross body. Orndorff rolls through and puts a foot on the rope to score the 1-2-3. Winner: “MR WONDERFUL” PAUL ORNDORFF.

WWF TV Taping: February 18th 1991
Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase (2010) vs The Texas Tornado (2009)
This match never aired on TV, but was taped for the WrestleFest 1991 VHS release. Tornado brings out DiBiase’s former bodyguard Virgil just to stick it to DiBiase. The ploy works as DiBiase forgets about the match and trash talks Virgil, saying he took him out of the gutter and now he wants to bite the hand that feeds him. DiBiase blows Tornado off after he taps him on the shoulder, so Tornado hammers away, bouncing DiBiase’s head off the apron and steps. DiBiase tries to sucker Tornado into the corner, but Tornado counters his offense and introduces DiBiase’s head to the turnbuckle no fewer than ten times. Tornado rolls DiBiase up for a nearfall and clotheslines him to the floor. Virgil throws DiBiase back in, and Tornado rolls him up again for two. DiBiase rolls outside once again, but is ready for Tornado this time and drills him with a backelbow. Tornado reverses DiBiase into the ringpost and hits his patented Tornado punch on the floor. Tornado goes for it a second time, but ends up punching the ringpost after DiBiase moves. DiBiase throws Tornado’s wrist into the steel steps twice, then works him over in the corners. DiBiase stays in control with a backelbow, clothesline and fistdrop, then tosses Tornado through the ropes. Tornado walks around the outside trying to regain feeling in his hand. As DiBiase tries to slam him back in from the apron, Tornado grabs the top rope and Virgil swipes DiBiase’s leg. Tornado falls on top and gets the pin as Virgil holds DiBiase’s leg down. Winner: THE TEXAS TORNADO.

WCW Clash of the Champions VII – “Guts & Glory”: June 14th 1989
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat (2009) vs Terry Funk (2009)
Both were fighting to become No 1 contender to Ric Flair’s NWA heavyweight title. Flair had defeated Steamboat for the title a month prior at Wrestle War, only for Funk to piledrive Flair through a table after the bout. In the current rankings, Steamboat was pegged at #1, while Funk occupied the #10 spot. Funk tackles Steamboat, but the Dragon quickly recovers to chop down the Funker and dropkick him to the outside. Funk jabs away with a series of punches and tosses Steamboat. Funk follows him out, but gets sent into the guardrail. Inside, Funk uses a double leg takedown to start mauling Steamboat’s face. Funk delivers a neckbreaker, then drives his knees into Steamboat’s shoulder blades. Steamboat chops back, but gets booted when he tries a backbodydrop. Steamboat recovers to send Funk upside down in the corner. Steamboat takes a perch up top, before landing a big chop. Steamboat scoops up Funk and carries him around ringside before dumping him with a slam on the floor.

In the ring, Steamboat charges into a boot. Funk backelbows then hits his patented piledriver. 1-2-kickout. Funk sends Steamboat into the referee, then sends Steamboat over the top rope in the corner. Funk delivers a running piledriver to the Dragon on the floor. Funk suplexes Steamboat back into the ring, manhandles the referee into a position to count, but still can’t put Steamboat away. Funk punches at Steamboat’s face some more, then heads up top. Steamboat gets his knees up to counter a splash and delivers a gutbuster. A top rope chop dazes Funk, then an enziguiri knocks him out of the ring. Funk stumbles around until he grabs a mic and nails Steamboat with it to draw the DQ. Winner via DQ: RICKY “THE DRAGON” STEAMBOAT. Lex Luger would run out to stop Funk’s attack, before turning on Steamboat himself to set up a feud with the Dragon. Funk would end up losing to Flair upon the Naitch’s return.

Paul Boesch Retirement Show: August 28th 1987
WWF Women’s Title: Sensational Sherri (2006) vs The Fabulous Moolah (1995)
Paul Boesch was a former wrestler, announcer and promoter in the Houston area and was briefly affiliated with the WWF for several months. This match is taken from a benefit card in Houston held in his honour. Boesch would unfortunately die from a heart attack in March 1989. Sherri had defeated Moolah for the title just one month prior. We join the match in progress. Sherri uses a single leg takedown to apply a stepover toehold. Sherri rolls into a jackknife pin for one. Moolah comes back with a kneelift and chokes Sherri in the ropes. Both women miss splashes. Sherri hits a running knee in the corner, then misses a cross body from the second rope. Moolah delivers two flying headscissors and a slam, but Sherri kicks out of every pin attempt. Sherri rolls outside to catch a breather, but Moolah throws her back in, and gives the champion a backbodydrop and clothesline. Still, Sherri refuses to be pinned. Moolah shoots Sherri off the ropes, quickly going behind and running her into the corner. Both women end up crashing into the corner. Sherri turns around to shove Moolah to the mat and she covers for the 1-2-3. Winner: SENSATIONAL SHERRI. Weak finish. Sherri would reign for 15 months before losing the title to Rockin’ Robin.

WWF SmackDown! November 16th 2000
Eddie Guerrero (2006) vs Stone Cold Steve Austin (2009)
Guerrero was the reigning Intercontinental Champion, but this one’s non-title. Eddie’s already in the ring taunting “Mr 3:16” to come out. The man with the mullet asks if the rattlesnake is afraid of his Latino Heat, then threatens to start drinking some of his beer. “It’s not as good as tequila, but it’ll do.” Eddie states he’ll make it easy for Austin as he lies on his back and offers him the first shot. We cut backstage as we see Austin thwart Guerrero’s plans of a Radicalz sneak attack, by beating the crap out of them and barricading them in the McMahon Helmsley lockerroom with the aid of a forklift truck. Due to the inclusion of Chris Benoit in the segment, we skip the beatdown and just see Austin on the forklift. Eddie’s expression suddenly changes as Austin comes down and opens up with a can of whoop ass in the form of a thesz press, punches and suplex. Austin tosses Guerrero, following him outside to bash his head into the steps. Austin shoves the referee aside. This gives Guerrero the chance to crack two chairshots across Austin’s knee. Guerrero wraps Austin’s leg around the ringpost as the crowd chants “Eddie sucks.” Guerrero stomps Austin in the corner, but misses a baseball slide and crotches himself. Aye caramba! Austin crotches Guerrero a further two times before stomping a mudhole in the corner. Austin pulls Guerrero up, flips him the bird, then, Kick, Wham, Stunner leads to the 1-2-3 and a subsequent beer bash. It’s a shame these two never had a lengthy program with one another. Winner: STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN.

Next week is the 200th show. Okerlund says if we remember anything about the 100th episode, we won’t want to miss it. I predict fun and shenanigans.

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