WWE Vintage Collection Report (09/23/12)

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WWE Vintage Collection Report: September 23rd 2012
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

We round out our “Month of Champions” theme with four Champion vs Champion bouts.

Raw: June 10th 2002
WWE European Title: William Regal vs Bradshaw
Quite an odd choice for an opener. No offense, but this episode of Raw is more memorable for Stone Cold Steve Austin taking his ball and going home than anything else. Anyway, I digress. Bradshaw was one week removed from winning the Hardcore Title under the chaotic 24/7 rule. Bradshaw powers Regal to the mat. Regal tries to wrestle, but gets tossed aside. Regal telegraphs a backbodydrop with a knee trembler and briefly goes to work. Bradshaw absorbs uppercuts and fights back. Bradshaw clotheslines Regal in the corner, before running into a boot. Hangmans neckbreaker and a cravat from Regal. Bradshaw turns a cross body into a fallaway slam. Bradshaw lands a couple of corner clotheslines, before planting Regal with a DDT and big boot. Mr Harvard Chris Nowinski hops the rail and tosses in some brass knux, before he’s restrained by security. The Power of the Punch is enough to KO Bradshaw for the 1-2-3. Winner: WILLIAM REGAL. After this, Regal would form a brief alliance with Nowinski and Molly Holly, before dropping the title the following month to Jeff Hardy and joining the Unamericans stable.

WCW Nitro: August 7th 2000
WCW World Heavyweight Title: Booker T vs Lance Storm
A serious Storm says he’s about to fulfill his destiny and follow in the footsteps of other great Canadians such as Wayne Gretzky and Donovan Bailey etc. The Triple Crown holder promises to make Booker submit. It’s not Storm’s fault he’ll be the first ever Grand Slam champion and that he’s that damn good (where have I heard that line before?) Don’t blame Canada. Blame yourselves! Booker interrupts the playing of the Canadian National Anthem. Booker is sporting a knee brace. A man comes out with a tray of sandwiches for “Fat Chick Thriller” Mike Awesome and latest fat girlfriend of the week Heidi, who are both guest commentators. (Awesome is due to face Storm for a shot at his Canadian Title at New Blood Rising.) Booker tackles Storm and hits a flying forearm. The camera pans to the sandwiches when there’s a frigging World Title match going on. Both fight over a backslide, before Storm dropkicks the knee, tosses Booker and goes airborne with a springboard cross body.

Booker reverses a facelock into a suplex. Booker kicks off a Maple Leaf attempt. Storm hits a jawbreaker. Booker blocks a superkick. Storm ducks a clothesline. Booker connects with a scissors kick. Spinaroonie time! Booker nails a pair of side kicks. Storm gets his feet up on a corner charge. Storm leaps off the top rope, right into a powerslam. 1-2-kickout. Both counter waistlocks. Storm rolls through a cradle and applies the Maple Leaf, dragging Booker to the middle of the ring. The crowd loudly chant USA to spur Booker on. Despite having bad legs, Booker makes it to the bottom rope. A superkick wobbles Booker. Storm charges into a spinebuster. 1-2-no. Booker connects with a missile dropkick for another two. Storm escapes a Bookend, but Booker reels him in for a second time and hits it to retain his title. Damn fine matchup apart from the sandwich crap. Winner: BOOKER T. Jeff Jarrett attacks Booker from behind after the bell. (These two also have a match at New Blood Rising.) Jarrett tosses referee Mickey Jay then breaks Storm’s Canadian flag across Booker’s knee, which draws the ire of Storm. Jarrett and Storm fight on the floor. Storm avoids a guitar shot and Heidi takes the hit. Awesome chases Jarrett into the ring and into a Bookend.

WWF Raw: January 22nd 1996
Bret “Hitman” Hart vs Goldust w/Marlena
We’re one night removed from the Royal Rumble. Bret retained his World Title against the Undertaker, while Goldust upset Razor Ramon for the Intercontinental Title. This one is non title with Bret nursing a knee injury courtesy of a bad landing the night before. Bret clean breaks from the corner and Goldust tries to weird him out with his mannerisms. Back from a break, Bret holds a hammerlock. Goldust attacks Bret in the corner, winds up an arm and applies a hammerlock. Bret gets up and runs around the ring to send Goldust through the ropes. We return from another break to see Goldust hit a flying sledge and ground the Hitman. Bret recovers to drag Goldust’s face across the top rope. Goldust takes the legs and attempts a Sharpshooter, only to get kicked through the ropes. Marlena escorts her man to the back, only to run in to Razor Ramon, who tosses Goldust back in. Bret drops a leg and Goldust begs off. We get yet another break. Bret lands a flying clothesline, a side Russian legsweep, then turns Goldust over into the Sharpshooter for the quick submission. Goldust loses his first televised match. Bret celebrates while sporting a nasty shiner under his eye. The constant breaks really disrupted the flow and enjoyment of this match. Winner: BRET “HITMAN” HART.

WCW Clash of the Champions XXVII: June 23rd 1994
WCW World Heavyweight Title vs WCW International Title: Ric Flair vs Sting w/Sensuous Sherri
This is a unification bout for all the marbles. Sherri is painted up like Sting at ringside and is in his corner. Sting owns Flair during the opening minutes due to Flair being rattled by Hulk Hogan’s arrival in WCW. The Nature Boy can’t get his head in the game and takes a walk. Sting press slams Flair twice, which results in a Flair flop on the floor. Flair argues with the fans. Sting tosses Flair out of a corner and goes clothesline crazy. Flair takes another spill over the top rope and takes another walk.

Sting absorbs some of Flair’s shots and tosses him out of the corner yet again. Dropkick by the Stinger. Flair grabs the ropes to telegraph another dropkick. Sting reverses a Figure Four attempt into a rollup. Flair shoves referee Randy Anderson, who chooses not to DQ the Naitch and shoves him back. Flair takes yet another walk. Flair manages to avoid a Stinger Splash to finally turn the tide. Flair tosses Sting over the top rope and works him over on the floor as Sherri consoles her protégé.

Sting kicks off a second Figure Four attempt, then escapes a sleeper by running Flair into the corner. A catapult into the top turnbuckle leads to Flair flop number two. Sting suplexes Flair back in from the apron. An irish whip sends Flair upside down. Sting cuts off a run across the apron with a clothesline. Sting mounts in the corner. Flair tries an inverted atomic drop, but Sting answers back with a clothesline. Sting hits a superplex, but misses a top rope splash. Flair delivers a delayed suplex. Sting pops right back up to deliver a hiptoss, dropkick and press slam. Sting clotheslines Flair to the floor. A desperate Flair throws Sherri in the way as Sting flies over the top rope and takes her out. Sting nearly pins Flair with a backslide, but is concerned about Sherri. As she slowly gets to her feet, Sting goes to check on her, so Flair rolls him up with a handful of tights for the 1-2-3. Winner: RIC FLAIR. After the bell, Flair and Sherri embrace to show it was a setup all along. Sherri hits Sting with her purse. Flair clips a knee and Sherri hits two top rope splashes as the two work him over. We cut away to the studio before Hulk Hogan makes the save, as the Hulkster can’t appear on any WWE show as long as he’s in TNA…..Brother!

Next week, Okerlund promises to turn Vintage Collection on its head. Your guess is as good as mine.

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