WWE's Official Ruling On Batista's Title Status, A Message From Ricky Ortiz, More

January 29, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

— Batista is still officially WWE Champion as his “match” last night with Randy Orton was ruled a “No Contest,” according to the Raw results page on WWE.com.

There was some confusion over the finish of last night’s match as it was not made clear whether Batista forfeited his title by not appearing to face Orton.

Referee Mike Chioda was on his way to declaring a forfeit and awarding Orton the WWE Championship, but stopped his ten count at eight when an ambulance arrived in the arena, presumably with Batista inside. It was then revealed to be Triple H instead.

— In case you haven’t noticed, SmackDown Superstar Ricky Ortiz is apparently doing some sort of motivational heel gimmick nowadays. Some people on the WWE Universe site have been questioning his “sarcastic attitude” as of late, to which he replied: “I made some mistakes and want to blog for my 1st time to say thank you WWE Universe for pointing this out. Admitting asking fans to “rally up.” I’m human just like you. It’s not a matter of failing, but falling forward.” He then asks the fans to hold accountable for his future actions and “rally him up.” You can read his blog in its entirety at the following link.

He later posted a follow-up blog thanking fans for their support.

— It was Howard Finkel’s birthday on Sunday. He turned 59 years old.

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