WWE's Reaction To #HijackRAW, Who Was & Wasn't Backstage At RAW

December 24, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

– The Undertaker was not at RAW, despite being advertised. Divas Champion AJ Lee was backstage, but did not appear on television.

– NXT stars Aiden English and CJ Parker were also backstage at RAW.

– Security was on high alert at Monday’s WWE RAW from the Allstate Arena in Chicago. While the #HijackRAW movement did not have much of an impact on the broadcast, arena staff was very thorough checking people for weapons when they entered the building and were on the lookout for ‘offensive’ signs.

We have not heard anything about fans being ejected due to their signs, but the building staff took extra precautions due to the #HijackRAW social media campaign.

Aside from those measures, the booking of the show was also done with awareness of the rowdy Chicago crowd that was ultimately not going to get CM Punk. Paul Heyman’s show-opening “pipe bomb”, the The Uso’s tag title win, Dolph Ziggler getting a win and Daniel Bryan standing up to the Authority and getting physical with Triple H were all instances of WWE playing to the crowd more than usual to offset the frustration of Punk not being there.

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(Partial Source: PWinsider.com)